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  TAJ E-News

(as of 3/28/2020)

Another virtual Shabbat.  


Thank you all for joining us on YouTube Live.


If you missed it, you can see it recorded by 


accessing it on our website:


Click on the upper right-hand corner.


We are in the process of "learning the ropes"


of live streaming.


Thank you Dylan Burton for assisting

all of us with tech support


and for making it possible for me to bring you our Weekly Shabbat Service.


We had some difficulty with our internet connection,


but we will improve this by next week.


Last Wednesday we had our first ZOOM bible study.


We had over thirty people present.



ZOOM with us this Wednesday at 7 pm for Passover Preparation


​This Wednesday evening, we will have ZOOM for those


who want to know how to prepare for your Seder.


go to


You can download the app.  (Zoom)

If you are interested in joining us this Wednesday at 7:30 pm


please reply back or email me at


I will then send you an invitation and you will go on


and click 'join meeting'.


The ID number will be on the invitation.


Please join us at 7 pm so we have time to help those who 


are having trouble,


Please text Dylan at 657-722-9994




Our Passover Seder has been canceled this year.


Last chance to donate your Passover tickets to TAJ,


otherwise, we will be refunding them through the mail.


If you have not replied back, it will be mailed out to you 


 Please RSVP to this email if you want to join us on Zoom for either or both:


April 1st:  Preparing for Passover


April 8th, A PASSOVER SEDER with Rabbi and Rebbetzin on ZOOM.


We will begin at 7:30 pm.


(the chief Rabbi of Israel has given his approval 


to do this on Zoom.)




We will be suspending Rabbi's Corner 


for a couple of weeks.




  During these difficult times,


 please do not forget your contributions to Temple Aviv Judea.


Daily congregational business must continue.


You may give by online banking, givelify or mail it to:


Temple Aviv Judea


P.O. Box 7331


Fullerton, CA  92834-7331



For prayer requests, notify


 Cindy Pierce, Dana Baker or Rabbi Corey



To email me directly:



Please check our website regularly for updates.



Happy Birthday to  Talia Grossman!


Please pray for her due to her bad asthma and high risk for the virus.



Happy Birthday to Linda Chen!


May you have a blessed year.



Happy Birthday to Mia!!




Due to this viral crisis, 


we will be POSTPONING the Bat Mitzvah


of Anabel Chen.


Hopefully, sometime in the future, we will have it.


The Chens are looking forward, and so is the family of Aviv,


for her great day and the celebration that will follow.



Let us become even closer and stronger as a family!


Please pray for one another.





Come join Ron Finstuen and Yiska via video.


Get off the couch!!


Coach Ron Finstuen is doing an exercise class tomorrow (Monday) at 2pm our time on his Facebook page.



Opening up to Isaiah 26


Words of comfort from HaShem.


Our redemption draws near!


Keep looking up....


Rabbi Corey and his forever bride....Hilary