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October 24, 2021



To those who want to learn how to worship through dance,


today is your chance!!!


Marianne Wegener will be teaching 


Messianic Dance 101


in our sanctuary TODAY  


between 2-4 pm.  


We will be having this teaching every third Sunday of the month.



We will be having our Aviv Gathering on the first 


Sunday of the month.



Wednesday, October 27, 2021


 TAJ Bible Study on Zoom


topic: John Chapter 14


October 30, 2021: Shabbat CHAYEI SARAH



Children's Shabbat School:11 am


Torah: Genesis  23:1-25:18


Haftarah:  1 Kings 1:1-31



2 pm Rabbi's Corner





Please pray forOlivia Hurtado.


She has chronic issues with diabetes and glaucoma.


B'H: had a good report at the doctors.



Dana Baker is out of ICU and in a skilled nursing care unit.


 He is now going in for gall bladder surgery this coming week.



Let us pray for Alan McKinney and Mary's sister, Rose for health issues.


Praise report for Greg Davis' son-in-law, Jared:  out of hospital.


Please pray for Cindy Pierce's granddaughter, Emily, age 15, who 


is struggling with many issues.


Continue to pray for David Wegener, Ines Ragland, Vahlia Viviani .


Prayers:  Cheryl Sifuentes needs prayers for herself:  health related.


Pray for Cheryl's sister-in-law and her leukemia.


Pray for Cheryl's brother, Craig, and his wife, for salvation.



Happy Birthday, Shamar Soto!


Happy Birthday, Matt Lopez!



Condolences to Miriam Beltran and her family on the loss of her dear brother.


May his name be remembered for good.



Traveling mercies to Julie Tanaka and Diane McKinney. 




Blessings and a Good Week,


                                               Rabbi Corey and his forever bride, Hilary

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