TAJ E-News

October31, 2020



 Two days to Election Day.  😳


Vote the Scriptures!


In other words, let us come to 


our Father in Heaven in 


prayer and fasting.


May He have mercy on our Nation.



As for our stance on COVID 19,


we are not to walk in fear,


as much as the media would like us to.


We have Yeshua as our protector.


The virus is NOT a hoax.


 We are here to keep everyone safe.


I highly recommend that everyone wears a 


face covering all the time. 


If you are having trouble with a mask,


I recommend a face shield.


We will be increasing the spaces between each family unit.


We are asking everyone to arrive no later than 11 am.


Also, I recommend registering early, 


especially not waiting for Shabbat.  


If you are unsure how to register, 


let me know.




Wednesday, November 4th


7:00 pm Bible Study


We are finishing The Book of Job


SHABBAT VAYERA, November 7th


services begin 11 am



Rabbi's Corner at 2 Pm



Happy Birthday to Donovan 'Yossi' Grossman!




Pray for Julie Tanaka. May HaShem give her


a speedy recovery. She cannot put any weight on her right foot


for the next six weeks....then gradually, some weight will


be added to her recovery program. We are all


grateful to HaShem for preserving her life.


Pray for Daniel Grossman for his recovery.


Pray for Ernie Guevara, Daniel Jimenez,


and David Wegener for health issues.


Pray for Dana Baker:  health issues

and for more hours at his job.


Pray for Vhalia Viviani for family issues.



Thank you Nader Fakhravar for


blessing our tenant by


painting her apartment and


putting new carpet throughout her apartment.




Also, for us to carry on,


we still need your financial and prayer support.


Though ALL our leaders do this


to the glory of G-d and volunteer their services,


we still have financial obligations such as


utilities and repairs.


We are now in the middle of a major repair,


such as a total re-roofing and replacing our gas lines.


We thank you in advance for your constant


support throughout the years.


May HaShem bring you many blessings, now


and throughout eternity.


You can continue to send your donations, while


at Temple, or mail to our PO Box


(Temple Aviv Judea, P.O Box 7331, Fullerton, CA 92834)


or on our website or your Online Banking.



Extra!!   For our new people....


we are beginning a 10-week program put out


by First Fruits of Zion called


HaYesod (the Foundation).


It is a good 'foundation' for our Messianic faith.


It is a ten week video seminar that


we can do as a Zoom class.


We are planning this for December, 


with our elder Kevin Brown, facilitating.


The workbook is 35 dollars.


The majority of our members have gone through the program.


Please RSVP .


No face coverings required.  




SHAVUAH TOV ( A good week)!!


Rabbi Corey and his forever Bride, Hilary