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(May 31, 2020)



Our congregation stands for 




Let us pray for our country, more than ever.


Let us draw close to our Messiah.


He is our only answer!



Our congregation is planning to reopen this Shabbat,


Lord willing.


We can only allow 45 people at the morning service.  


If you are planning to come on Shabbat, 


each person needs to make a reservation 


online at avivjudea.org .


Scroll down to the bottom and


you need to fill out the reservation and disclaimer form.


You need to check ALL five boxes if you are in agreement.


For the next few weeks, there will be no children and no teens.


We will revisit this after the 15th of June.


For more extensive guidelines, you will find them on our website.


The situation is fluid so please keep connected to our site.


With only 45 seats, please choose


one of the next two shabbats to come.


We will have security and we will have the building disinfected prior to the Shabbat.


We must follow the laws of the land.



For those who are immune-compromised, or have a fever,


and for those who are not comfortable to come yet,


remember, we will be continuing to live-stream our services.


We at TAJ are committed to tape our services from now on.




Our week in advance:


Wednesday, June 3rd


Bible study on Zoom


continuation of Romans 12



Shabbat June 6th:  Nasso


Torah:  Numbers 4:21-7:89


Haftarah:  Judges 13:2-25


Brit Chadasha:  John 12:20-36






We continue to pray for those who need healing:  


David Wegener, Ruben Santillan, Ed and Helen Lautt,


Daniel Jimenez, Dana Baker, Roy Guzman, and Michelle Kim


please pray for:


Pray for Juanita Guzman's granddaughter's (Dazee) fiancee who is a Sheriff in LA.   


He has been brought to the front lines.  


Also praying for Dazee who is also in the process to be a police officer.


Pray for Jared, Randy and Kim Algra's son who has 


been recently sworn in  as a police officer and 


will be on duty during this time of crisis.


Pray for Cynthia Pierce's son Tim, a firefighter in N. California will also be on duty.


Geraldine Gopen needs prayer as she is struggling with an infection


on her lower extremities.



Happy Birthday,  Hilary Sylvester!


I have been blessed greatly by this fine woman!  


She is a woman of valor who deserves a medal of honor putting 


up with her husband all these years!!


I know she has blessed many in this congregation.



Happy Birthday to Edmund Lautt!!



Happy Birthday to Sarah Samora!



Happy 52nd Anniversary to Ernie and Irene Guevara!!



Congratulations to Liz Lopez


on her one year of sobriety!


All glory to HaShem!



I want to thank everyone for your prayers during this time.


I want to thank Dylan Burton for helping me make the transition technologically.


I want to thank Reg Deuning for helping us transition back to the Holy Horse Bells,


and let us not forget his wife, Margarita.


Thank you, Tim Edmundson, for your love for this congregation and helping


us in the sound room.   Also, thanks to Bobby Abejo!


Thanks to our Elders: Azi Holman, Kevin Brown and Reg Deuning  


for their prayer and wisdom.



Let us pray for one another.


Let us lift each other in prayer.


Please join our prayer groups on Friday afternoon


and morning Shabbat.




Blessings to all!  Shavuah Tov!


Rabbi Corey and his birthday girl

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