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August 16, 2020



Please register on our website




I will remove the restrictions for the children


and teens.  Children ages 6 and under


will not be allowed.  Otherwise,


all children will need to be wearing


masks and the parents will 


be responsible for keeping them together.


Each individual must register.


If unable to attend, please


let me know so someone else can


take your place.


There will be NO Oneg.



We had Zoom Children Shabbat


School before our Shabbat service.


We will have the class this week.


If the children are coming to services,


have them be there by 10 am 


and in my office.



Our beautiful 5781 Calendars


are available once again.


Cynthia Pierce will once again 


be heading the distribution of them.


Attached to this email is the form


to be filled out with the money enclosed.


Today is the deadline!



This Wednesday evening, we begin with 


Rosh Chodesh (New Moon) of Elul.


This begins the forty days of repentance.



Again, lots of gratitude to all of you


on the repayment of the loan.


For six years, we have put off major 


maintenance projects.


The main project now is 


our roof.  David Pierce has


been on the roof so many times 


patching the leaks, that we have 


called him "the clarinetist on the roof!"


Please remember our expenses


as part of the Building Fund.


This is His Temple and all the people


that are in it.


Wednesday,  August 19th  7 pm


Bible Study:   We are studying the Book of JOB.  


There is no greater time than now to get a fresh


look at this book.


We will be studying from Job Chapters 7-10



 August 22nd  Shabbat     Shoftim


10 am Children's Shabbat School 

with Rabbi Corey and Renee Brown


11 am Shabbat Service (on-time)

You Tube Live


Torah: Deuteronomy 16:18-21:9    


Haftarah:   Isaiah 51:12-52:12


Brit Chadasha: John 14:9-20   


2 pm  Rabbi's Corner



Happy Birthday,  Joseph Polizzi! 



Happy Birthday,  Jackie Fountain!



 Happy Birthday,   Maria Coe!



Happy Birthday, Cheryl Sifuentes!


Happy Anniversary to Alan and Mary McKinney!



Happy Birthday to Peter Hodgins


and Angel Torres!



Condolences to :


Krystina Solis-Montoya on the loss of her brother, Michael.


Suzanne Davis on the loss of her Dad.






David Wegener:   health issues


Greg and Suzanne Davis:  health issues


Dana Baker:  pinched nerve;

 Pray that Dana begins his job soon.


Daniel Jimenez:  health issues

His last procedure was successful.


Hilda Albarran: health issues


Pilar Greene:  seeking His will


Carla McCabe:  health issues


Prayers for OUR Country!


Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem!



Shavuah Tov,


Rabbi Corey and his forever Bride, Hilary  💕

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