Women's Group

Women's Group is a place where women of Temple Aviv Judea and visitors alike can come together and fellowship, pray, eat, and much more!

Young Adults is led by Reginald and Margarita, is a group for those aged 18-35 and is meant to serve as a guide for those who wish to serve G-d better.

Young Adults


Men's Group is a time when the men of the congregation come together and discuss topics that we men face in society every day. Visitors welcome.

Men's Group

Morning Prayer is a special time before service for members and visitors to pray together for the peace of Jerusalem as well as special prayer requests.

Morning Prayer

Worship and Dance is led by Marianne and is a critical part of our service. We love worshipping the Lord with our beautiful movements.

Worship & Dance

Oneg (lunch) is a place where members and visitors can gather to eat with one another. This is time to get to know each other and fellowship together.

Oneg "Lunch"


Children have a special time during the service where they split off into their respective age groups to be taught important lessons from G-d.

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