On January 22, 2017, Temple Aviv Judea lost their patriarch, Mitch Wensil, at age 97.  'Papa Mitch' as we endearingly called him, was a father to all of us.  He loved us all very much and it was the most important part of the week for him.  He rarely missed a Shabbat service, even though he was in much pain.  He loved being called to read the Torah portion each week.  It meant so much to him.

At age 89. Papa came to know His Messiah personally.  He loved talking to people about Yeshua and loved to read Isaiah 53.  He did not understand why the Jewish people could not see who Isaiah was talking about.  We had to remind him that he once did not see what he now could see so clearly.

Papa had a great life.  He was born in Des Moines, Iowa.  He served in WWII in the Philippines and Australia.  There were several close calls with death that he recognized as the "hand of G-d".  

After the war, he moved to California and married.  They had a daughter, Hilary, who later became our Rebbetzin.  As you know Hilary is a talented artist, but what you may not know, is that her Dad, and all his brothers, were artists in their own rights.  

We will miss our Papa Mitch very much, but we are all consoled that we will all be together very soon, where we will no longer be separated.   

We all love you, Papa!

Love, Aviv Judea