Thoughts on Christmas

 Christians and just about everyone now celebrate 'the Holidays'! It is impossible to remove oneself from it.  Many businesses are saying Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas.  The Christians are upset that we are taking Christ out of Christmas.  A while back, I heard a popular Christian program say that they are tired of the world 'de-Christianizing' the holiday…..and we should take it back.  My blood pressure rises because the early Church did the very thing to Judaism.  The first three centuries, culminating with the Council of Nicea, deliberately de-Judaized the religion, and made it illegal to practice the Torah and its laws.  Something is wrong with this picture!

My suggestion is to give December 25th back to the Pagans! Let the world say "Happy Holidays1" and the believers should blace Yeshua's birth where it should be…..on the Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot).  

If a believer has trouble with that…than please, make His birth, any day of the year except December 25th, Saturnalia Day, a Greek/Roman orgy day.  Let us NOT be guilty of mixing holy with the profane. (syncretism).

Let the simple lights on the Chanukah menorah stand up against its counterpart…the superficial Tree of Lights that are full of glitter and ornaments.  Let us stand apart just like the Macabbees.