Thoughts on Chanukah

Chanukah 5775 is over.  the lights are still shining in our hearts.  The story of Chanukah took place around 150 years before Yeshua's birth.  The Greek-Syrian army forbade the Jews from practicing Judaism and slaughtered a pig in the Holy Temple on the altar! Just a few zealots, the Macabbees, rose up and guess what? Victory!  If they had not won, there would be no Jews.  No Jews, No Messiah.

 About 135 years after Yeshua's birth, the Romans also forbade the Jews from practicing Judaism.  they already destroyed the Temple 70 years earlier.  For a time, the Jewish zealots rose up victoriously against the Romans.  One mistake, but Bar Kochba, the newly proclaimed Messiah, made a serious mistake.  They also rose up against the Messianic Jews and killed them if they did not show allegiance to the newly appointed Jewish Messiah.  Of course, the Messianic Jews knew he was a false messiah.

The Romans cut off food and supplies and within a year, they made their last stand at the city of Betar.  The Romans brutally killed every man, woman and child.  Messianic Jews that were left assimilated within the believing Gentile communities and any trace of Jewishness disappeared.  The flicker of a candle remained, as a very small remnant kept it going.

Two thousand years later, the flame is burning brighter and brighter through the Messianic Jewish revival throughout the world, in which Temple Aviv Judea was one of the very first to carry it on.