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Our 38th Passover Seder was a success!!
It takes a lot of people to make it a special day.
All of the people who participated, one way or another, brought glory to Him!
I first want to thank my wife, Hilary Sylvester

and Maria Coe for taking care of the administrative work.
Thank you Luis Rengifo for making the day run smoothly.
I owe it all to Luis for making me and all the vocalists, and dancers look good.
Thank you Marianne Wegener and all the dancers with an awesome
presentation dance of Debbie Kline-Iantorno's Adir Hu.
Thank you Renee Brown and Marianne Wegener for
giving the children a place in the Seder to shine.
Thank you Azi Holman and Reg Deuning for leading us in the praise and worship songs.
Thank you Dana Baker and Sarah Grandpre for an unbelievable duet.
Thank you to our greeters:  Belma Fraire, Margarita Deuning, Chris Oropeza, Gloria Lovato and Juanita Guzman
I want to thank everyone, especially Luis Rengifo, who helped clear the room in such a timely manner.
Last but not least,  I want to thank the children of TAJ, who made the Sederso very special.  They are precious souls and I am proud of ALL of them.


Our fifth annual March of Remembrance 

in Orange County will be on May 1st, 2:30 pm
on the steps of Fullerton, City Hall.
Please join us next week!  Let us show the community
that we DO remember the Holocaust victims and survivors.
Our good friends, Vince and Debbie Kline-Iantorno
will again join us again.
This year we will have our new friend,
Sally Klein O'Connor
to bless us with her music.
We will have more special music and presentations.
The purpose of the event is to raise the awareness
in the community of the Holocaust.
We cannot remain silent.



May the non-Jewish people stand up alongside
the Jewish community to remember the victims.
We plan to do tangible things
to help the survivors.
The love of Messiah heals.


This week

Wednesday,  April 27th
NO Bible Study this week!
There will be Dance and Music rehearsal.


 Shabbat:   Pesach (8th day)April 30, 2016  Omer day 7

9 am Prayer

10 am  Service begins. 

  noon:  Oneg

1:40  Meal of Messiah: Azi

Happy Birthday Irene Guevara!

On this 'special' year we ask the Lord to bless you .
Thank you for coming alongside our ministry throughout the years.


I want to thank four special men in this congregation
that helped with the work on the shed.
All prefer to remain anonymous.

Pray for Jessica T's Mom and Dad
who had a bad auto accident.
They escaped with bad bruises.
We thank Hashem that He spared them their lives.
Let us pray for
Reuben Santillon.
We ask for healing.
It was great to see our forever friends... Phil and Ann Crowley
at the Seder.


We welcomed the tenth Ratthe child yesterday at the Seder....
Jarusha Cadence

upcoming events:


May 1st:  Our 5th Annual March of Remembrance
on the steps of City Hall in Fullerton
May 14th:  MDCI (Ralph and Mindy Seta) will be here this Shabbat for a Dance Camp.  

The Dance Camp will be in the afternoon.
May 28th:  Patrick and Christina Lumbroso
will be taking over our Shabbat.
Patrick is a wonderful teacher of Torah.
The Lumbrosos will also lead us in the worship.

June 4th:  The Arabic Christian/Messianic Jewish Fellowship
Please put this on your calendars.
It is an evening filled with Yeshua's power of reconciliation between Arab and Jews.

May you all have a blessed week.....Chag Pesach!!
Rabbi Corey and his bride, Hilary