TAJ E News:


It is Passover Time again!!
Seats are filling up fast.
Warning!  We may have maximum count by next week.
Come join us on April 23rd for our 38th Passover Seder
at Colette's at the Meridian Club in Fullerton.
Address:  1535 Deerpark Drive, Fullerton 92831
Adults:  $36 per person
Children (12 and under):  $18 per person
If  you use Paypal on our website:
there is a processing fee of two dollars per person.

Time:  10 am  - 2:30 pm
You can either  1) mail the money to our P.O. Box:
Aviv Judea Messianic Congregation
P.O. Box  1124
Yorba Linda, CA  92885
2)  Put the money in an envelope and put it in the
offering box.   Information needed:
Name(s) of all attending.
Also, specify if you want a vegetarian plate.
Please do NOT hand money to Maria or anyone else.


Our fifth annual March of Remembrance in
Orange County will be on May 1st
on the steps of Fullerton, City Hall.
As you may have noticed,
we have hired Security.
It is important that we add a few dollars to
our contributions each week.
The extra dollars should go into the
Mishpocha box .
We had our second Men's group.
It was a great success.
Thank you Kevin Brown for a great job facilitating.


Since Passover is rapidly approaching,
it is an ideal time to begin thinking
of cleaning out the leaven in our homes
and our lives.

This week
Wednesday,  April 6th
NO Bible Study this week!
There will be Dance and Music rehearsal.

 Shabbat April 9, 2016
Special Speaker:  Toby Janicki
First Fruits of Zion
"Bread of Tomorrow"
Toby will be speaking in the morning AND afternoon
during Rabbi's Corner.   9 am   Prayer
Please join this ministry.
We need prayer, protection and covering.
10 am  Service
noon:  Oneg

1:30 Rabbi Corner:  Toby Janicki 

Happy Birthday Talia!


would like to extend our condolences on the loss
of Pastor Ron La Croix's father, Pete.
Both shared a special bond that will extend throughout eternity.

We thank you for all your prayers.
Hilary's Dad, Mitch is doing better!
He thanks you all.

Glad to hear that Mike Lorenz is OK.
Thought he was having a heart attack,
but it was not.

upcoming events:

April 9th:  Toby Janicki of First Fruits of Zion
will be here for teaching BOTH morning and afternoon.
His Topic:  Bread of Tomorrow
April 23rd  Our Annual Passover Seder
It will be taking place in the same place as last year!

May 1st:  Our 5th Annual March of Remembrance
on the steps of City Hall in Fullerton

May you all have a blessed week.....Look up....His redemption draws nigh.
Rabbi Corey and his bride, Hilary