TAJ E News


Thank you Sally Klein O'Connor 

for blessing us with the soundtrack of our lives.

There was not a dry eye in the congregation.

The power of the words and music
revealed in our hearts
the brokenness caused by sin...
and at the same time,
the road back to our Father's house.
We pray for your trip to Israel this Tuesday.
It will not be as a tourist, but part of the ministry of
'A Tour of Roses'.
They will be ministering the gospel of shalom to Jew and Palestinian.
We ask our Heavenly Father PROTECTION over you and those who will be with you.
Sally, you are an amazing woman.

It has been long in coming....
TAJ is adding another ministry today....
A Men's Group!
The women's group has been a success,
it is now high time we begin one
for the men.
It is a time to discuss the Issues of Life
as it pertains to the Scriptures and to one another.
It was fitting to begin it after Sally's music....
How do we fix our brokenness.
Thank you Luis Rengifo for kicking it off to a great start,
with testimony and scripture.

Come join us on April 23rd for our 38th Passover Seder
at Colette's at the Meridian Club in Fullerton.
Address:  1535 Deerpark Drive, Fullerton 92831
Adults:  $36 per person
Children (12 and under):  $18 per person
If  you use Paypal on our website:
there is a processing fee of two dollars per person.
You can either  1) mail the money to our P.O. Box:
Aviv Judea Messianic Congregation
P.O. Box  1124
Yorba Linda, CA  92885
2)  Put the money in an envelope and put it in the
offering box.   Information needed:
Name(s) of all attending.
Also, specify if you want a vegetarian plate.
Please do NOT hand money to Maria or anyone else.

'Support Israel' bracelet,
see Lupe.
Love donations are accepted.
Donations beyond the costs of the bracelets
will go to the HaYovel ministry in Israel.
Orange County will be on May 1st
on the steps of Fullerton, City Hall.
On March 26th,  in two weeks...
we will celebrate
the Jewish Holiday of Purim.
After Oneg, we will have a Purim Play.
Also, we will have a mini Purim festival.
We will have booths.
We will be putting up art work in the Oneg room.
If any of you have crafts, art, or jewelry
to sell, please see Hilary....
or email her at [email protected]
If you are interested in being part of
a talent show, see Rabbi Corey

Mike and Marie Lorenz ( our honorary members of TAJ)
will be here to put on a puppet show.
As you may have noticed,
we have hired Security.
It is important that we add a few dollars to
our contributions each week.
The extra dollars should go into the
Mishpocha box .
* *  **
Wednesday, March 16th
No Bible Study


Shabbat  Vayikra
March 19th  9 am   Prayer
Please join this ministry.
We need prayer, protection and covering.
10 am  Service
noon:  Oneg
Happy Birthday, Kurt Wilson!
You are a blessing to this congregation.
You have been a major ingredient of our growth here at TAJ.
HaShem has placed his ingredients into this mix...
so glad you were part of this great recipe.

Happy Birthday to Helen Lautt!
Also congratulations in coming in 1st place
at a prestigious local art show in the religious category.
Also continue to pray for Edmund Lautt
as he battles physical battles.

Pray for Eve Ratthe and the family
as they are 'expecting'
their tenth child!!
upcoming events
This coming week:  Women's group (all ages) during ONEG.
Next Men's group:  April 2nd.
April 9th:  Toby Janicki of First Fruits of Zion
will be here to teach:
AM:  11 am      Part 1 

PM:  1:30 pm   Part 2

May 1st:  Fifth Annual March of Remembrance
It will be taking place in the same place as last year!
on the steps of City Hall in Fullerton

May you all have a blessed week.....Look up....His redemption draws nigh.
Rabbi Corey and his bride, Hilary


P.S.  We saw in Israel last week an amazing miracle.

Christian volunteers of HaYovel working at HaBaracha vineyards

saved the life of two IDF soldiers.

Frances Ratthe and his two eldest sons just returned to the States after pruning the vineyards.                     Each evening they meet in the tent to hear speakers.

The night of the 'incident' they had a Medic speaking.

Please listen to this podcast from Israel, by two rabbis and former IDF soldiers.
They are NOT Messianic.
This is an example of our vision:  Repairing Yeshua's Reputation
Check out this cool episode: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/israel-inspired/id1051088186?mt=2&i=364496608