We had a great Shabbat
with George and Rivka Whitten.

What a team!

They live in Arad, Israel (in the Negev, or desert).

Rivka was blessed with a beautiful voice

and her husband with great insight of Prophecy in the News.

Between both of them, 

our blessing was complete.



 We are hosting a Prayer Meeting with 

Arabic Christians and Messianics!

We will have a normal Shabbat.

At 5 PM, we will have a 20 minute Havdalah service 

There will be NO peace until hearts are transformed 

by the Power of His Word.

We will have Shabbat services as usual,

but we will come together at 5 pm with Havdalah;

a concluding ceremony of Shabbat.

 (concluding service of Shabbat).

Afterwards, we will join together, first in one big circle;

and then in smaller circles.

There is so much to pray for as we come closer to Messiah's Return.

Unity and Reconciliation in the Body is Imperative.

Light refreshments and fellowship at 6:30 pm

See you there.

PDF file attached.  Please pass it on.....
Happy Birthday

Dr. Brian Booth!

Praying that your new year will be all that you desire.


Happy Birthday


Armani Ratthe!


Happy Birthday


Mercedes Ratthe!

 Pray for traveling mercies....

as Francis Ratthe and his two eldest sons 

Maxmillian and Ludwig

go back to Israel for two weeks

in order to prune the vineyards

so it will be ready for harvest in the Fall.

They are doing this under the ministry of HaYovel.

Side note:  If you want to contribute to HaYovel, 

you can now sign up with Amazon, called Amazon Smile,

and each time you make a purchase,

0.05% will go to HaYovel.

Remember, you have to specify HaYovel

when you sign up for Amazon Smile.

Mazel Tov to

Paul and Luann Jollineau

on buying a piece of property in Arizona

so they can live near Paul's son and family...

and to be closer to TAJ family!!

This week 
Wednesday February 3, 2016

 NO Bible Study this week!

There WILL be a Music and Dance Rehearsal.

Shabbat Mishpatim
February 6th
9 am   Prayer
Please join this ministry.  
We need prayer and protection and covering.

10 am  Service

noon:  Oneg
1:30  pm  Rabbi's Corner

Thank you Juanita, Chris and Belma for 

doing a magnificent job in the one.

Please give them lots of grace as

they experiment in serving the congregation.

It is not an easy task, but in doing this,

they are serving Messiah and His Body.
upcoming events:

March 12th   Sally Klein O'Connor will be here
to minister to us in song.


April 23rd  Our Annual Passover Seder

It will be taking place in the same place as last year!

May 1st:  Our 5th Annual March of Remembrance

Prayer Requests:

Prayers for Greg and Itzhak looking for a new place to live.

Prayers for Greg Davis - speedy recovery

May you all have a blessed week.....
Look up....His redemption draws nigh.

Rabbi Corey and his bride, Hilary