TAJ E NEWS 6-22-2014


Hilary and I would like to thank you all

for making us a great 35th wedding celebration!

Special thanks to Annette and all those who helped her.

You all blessed us and we are so thankful.

On June 24, 1979 we were married at the Elks Club in Long Beach.

The late Rabbi Mike Davis married us.  We were the first TAJ wedding

and we were the first wedding that Rabbi Mike performed.

Thank you Hilary for making these 35 years beautiful.

Thank you for being my partner in this ministry.

You are my beshert (my soul-mate).

It warms my heart to know that you will be there throughout eternity!


Edmund Lautt Update:

Edmund has a long road ahead of him.

With the help of HaShem and his wife, Helen, Edmund will make it through this ordeal.

Edmund is at the St. Judes Heritage Hospital in Fullerton, CA.

He should be returning home in the first week of July.

Dana Baker is also recuperating and rehabilitating from knee surgery.

Let us keep them in prayer.


Wednesday, June 25th

Bible Study tonight at 7:30 pm

Thursday, June 26th

Music and Dance Rehearsal:  Set #9

June 28th:  Shabbat Chukat

9 am Prayer

10 am Shabbat service begins

noon:  Oneg

Hayesod seminar at 12:45 pm

1:30 pm  Rabbi's Corner

Happy Birthday to Margarita!!

Thank you for making the ONEG very special!

Happy Birthday to Miriam Estrine!

Traveling Mercies to Cindy Hutten-Eagle as she travels to Holland and Malta!  We will miss you very much.

Traveling Mercies to Mike and Bev Tilson

as they travel to the big MJJA conference in PA.

Miss you Luann Jollineau as you spend time with your family, the Tammingas in Michigan.


Upcoming Events:

July 12 Shabbat:  Jonathan Settel Concert

August 2nd:  Teacher Rami Danieli

Many Blessings to all!

Rabbi Corey and his bride for 35 years, Hilary