TAJ E-NEWS 2018 12-30-18

TAJ E News


With much prayer and consideration,

Reg Deuning has been

made Elder, in addition to our present elders,

Azi Holman and Kevin Brown.

Reg has proven to be a leader in the Holy Horse Bells.

He has stepped up along with his wife, Margarita,

to be mentors and raise leaders in our

Kesher Chai community.

Yasher Koach goes to this humble servant.

Today, Reg was officially installed as Elder.


One of the hardest ministries at TAJ is the Oneg.

I would like to thank its leader, Cheryl Sifuentes.

Also, thanks go to Joy Duprey, Belma Fraire, and Liberty Zalamea.
The Oneg is a holy time, a time of fellowship.

Dietary laws are important to G-d, as it

is important to all of us at TAJ.

It is difficult to follow its laws without stepping on toes.

We follow the bare minimum which excludes

any pork products, lard and shellfish.

To make it easier, we made the menu vegetarian.

However, if anyone wants to bring chicken or beef, it is

acceptable if it is Kosher Certified.

You can find this chicken at OC Kosher- Irvine,

or Empire Chicken found at Sprouts or Trader Joe's.

The reason for the certified kosher, is that a commandment

was given not just to the Jews, but to the Gentiles.

We are not to eat any meat that was strangled...in other words,

no blood is to be eaten.  Acts 15.

We all know as Messianics, that the blood,

is life and is sacred.

We are so appreciative what people bring to the table.

If you have any questions regarding what to bring,

please get in touch with Cheryl Sifuentes:

[email protected]
If you want further explanations,

please see one of our elders.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

   NO Bible Study this week 

Last HaYesod class with Margarita

 this Wednesday evening at 7:30 pm.

    Music and Dance Rehearsal  

Shabbat, January 5, 2019   Vaera

9 am tefillah (morning prayers)

10 am Services

noon:    ONEG

1 pm Mens Group

2 pm:  Rabbi's Corner


Condolences to Irene Guevara

on the passing of her brother, Edward Victor Bonnevie.


Thank you for your prayers for Daniel Jimenez.

 His heart condition is under control

but please pray for the prostate cancer.


Praying for Doug Verill's brother

who was diagnosed with brain cancer.


Prayers for Ruben Santillan's mother.


 Michael and Courtney Pierce

 have been blessed with a beautiful

daughter, Leah!

Mazel Tov also to Grandpa David Pierce!


Happy Birthday to Reg Deuning!

Happy  Birthday to Chris Oropeza!

Happy Anniversary to Ruben and Martina Santillana!

Happy Birthday to Teddy Sanchez!

Happy Birthday to Hien Khoe!


Welcome Dimitri and Alina Tribelsky,

congregational leaders of a Messianic Congregation in Russia.

They are visiting the States and leaving January 15th.


Mario Alberto Consuelo González

will be moving out of the area.

We are sorry to see him go....

but he must join us whenever he is in town.

Upcoming Events.

January 12th:  Parasha Bo

Bat Mitzvah of Hadassah Nicole Richards.

February 23rd:  Rami Danieli

Shavuah Tov!! 

Rabbi Corey and his forever bride, Hilary