TAJ E-NEWS 2018 11-11-18

TAJ E-News


Aviv had a double header;

A first at Aviv Judea!

In the morning Shabbat service of Toldot,

we celebrated a Bar Mitzvah of Uzziel Akiva Beltran.

What a great reading from Torah, haftarah and D'rash.

His proud parents were on hand for reading from Torah

and presentations.

Thank you Azi Holman for being a teacher 'par excellence' !

Thank you for the many hours you gave Uzziel during this

past year.

Thank you Marianne Wegener for leading the WHOLE Beltran

family in a Dance Presentation.

Thanks to the Beltran family for hosting the ONEG.

Also, many thanks to the women of TAJ for helping

and cleaning.

Thank you Adam Brown for taking the photos.


We had a Wedding in the evening.

Presenting...Daniel and Talia Grossman!

The wedding was a beautiful picture

of G-d's Redemptive power.

The bride and groom were radiant.

Thank you Dana Baker for the beautiful song, "Yeshua".

Thank you Jessica and Eugene Trevithick

for the video and coordinating.

Thank you Marianne Wegener and Mary McKinney

for the beautification of the Bride.

Thank you Mary, for taking photos.

Thanks to the Grossman family for the food

along with our Temple.

Thank you John Lee for a great job in the sound room.

Special thanks to Cynthia Hutten-Eagle for

managing BOTH events

and rounding up the troops in a unifying unit of love!

Thank you to ALL the wonderful people in our congregation

that helped to serve and clean.

I do not dare to start listing the people because

there were so many.

Once again, Congratulations to Uzziel Beltran AND

Daniel and Talia Grossman!


Please Pray for our brothers and sisters

that live in Ventura and Los Angeles County.

Lord, please watch and protect them from the fires.

Comfort the Ones who lost loved ones

at the Borderline Sports Grill in Thousand Oaks.


KRAV MAGA (Israeli Self-Defense)  WEEKEND

Our E-Team is bringing back Ron Finstuen and his wife, Yiska

on the December 1st weekend.

 Our tentative schedule is:

Shabbat (12-1-18)

1pm-3pm  Adonai's Defense for Women Krav Maga

Women, a close, trusted man may participate with you:  husband, father, brother, fiance, trusted longtime friend, etc.  He will help you learn and he will learn as well. His fee is the same as yours.

 3:30-5:30  Sword of the Spirit

The first hour Ron will demonstrate Biblical sword techniques as a way to teach spiritual warfare.

The second hour, we will have a choice of classes:

1.  Ron will teach Practical weapons defense, showing

how to use everyday items, like phones and keys, in self defense.

2. His wife, Yiska will teach "swords and Flags".

She will take the training from the first hour

and teach a choreographed dance using swords and flags.

Adonai's Defense For Women TRAILER - YouTube

Biblical Women's Defense.

6:30-8:30 Shomer (special training for E Team only)

 Sunday  (12-2-18)

3pm-4pm  Senior Citizens Self Defense 

4:30-6:30pm knife and gun follow up (for students who took class last time). 

7:30-8:30  Krav Maga Retsev

 Great for beginners. Basic, fundamental escape techniques. It will be in the second half of the women's class.  

Anyone not in that class is welcome to join this one.

Monday (12-3-18)

 1pm -5pm follow up classes 

6pm-9pm basic gun and knife defense (for first time students)

Tuesday (12-4-18)

1pm-5pm follow up classes

Cost:  15 dollars an hour.

Also, we will have Ron and Yiska talk on Shabbat morning.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

 NO Bible Study this Wednesday 7:30 pm

   HaYesod tonight with Margarita

Music and Dance Rehearsal  

Shabbat, November 17th Va'yetze

9 am tefillah (morning prayers)

10 am Services

noon:  special ONEG

1 pm Women's Group

2 pm Rabbi's Corner


Happy Birthday to Richard Acker!

Thanks for your active presence in this community.


Happy Birthday to 

Marianne Wegener!

Thank you for your love for this community

and liberally pouring out your gifts to all of us.

Thanks for leading the dancers in worship.

Thank you for your endless outpouring generosity

to  each and every one of us.


Happy Birthday to 

Taroub Shehadi,

TAJ's realtor and good friend of TAJ!

May HaShem bless you with lots of 

sales this year.  

Remember, she tithes (over and beyond)

directly to our building fund.


Happy Birthday to Diana Qian....

I know she can still celebrate her birthday while in China.


Happy Birthday to Geoff Grossman!

You had your birthday present yesterday....your son's marriage.


Yasher Koach to Sylvia Lewis!

Her first novel "In Search for Truth"

can be ordered on Amazon.com for $19.95.


 Welcome Back, Irene Guevara 

from the Philippines!


Rabbi Corey and his forever bride, Hilary