TAJ E-NEWS 2018 1-27-18

TAJ E News


Condolences to Margarita Deuning on the loss of

her mother, Magaly Esther Rios Garcia.

She was a great mother, educator, businesswoman.

She was a pillar in her Messianic community.

She was an elder and worship leader.

She attended the Hope of Israel Messianic Congregation. 

Reg and Margarita are back in North Carolina.

The memorial was yesterday.

Vince Iantorno, Deborah-Kline Iantorno blessed

them by singing at the memorial.

The Iantornos are part of our TAJ family  💗


We are taking reservations for our 41st Passover Seder.

date:  April 20th luncheon  10:30 - 3 pm

location:  Westbridge Country Club, La Habra

cost:  adults 45 dollars,  children 12 and under 23 dollars

The seating is limited. 

You will be able to buy tickets on our website via Paypal.


Yasher Koach to Jordan Jakubowski as he 

stepped in to lead the worship yesterday

in Reg's absence.

Thank you also to Chana-Chava, Ari and Caleb.

Wednesday, February 6th

   NO  Bible Study this week! 

NO Music and Dance Rehearsal

NO Hayesod Class with Margarita Wednesday 

Shabbat, February 9th  TERUMAH

9 am tefillah (morning prayers)

10 am Services

noon:    ONEG

1:30 pm  Rabbi's Corner


Happy Birthday to  Leiandra Holman!

 Happy Birthday to Lambert Hunter!


Prayers for Lewis Zein

who was struck by a car

and is recuperating at a skilled nursing home .

Coventry Court,  2040 S. Euclid Street, Anaheim, CA  


 Prayers for Alan McKinney

who fell one story onto cement at construction site.

He is badly bruised but has been spared from things far worse.


Traveling mercies to Cheryl Sifuentes.

You were missed at TAJ 


Upcoming Events.

February 23rd:  Rami Danieli

Shavuah Tov!! 

Rabbi Corey and his forever bride, Hilary