TAJ E-NEWS 2018 1-27-18

TAJ E News


We are taking reservations for our 41st Passover Seder.

date:  April 20th luncheon  10:30 - 3 pm

location:  Westbridge Country Club, La Habra

cost:  adults 45 dollars,  children 12 and under 23 dollars

The seating is limited.

You will be able to buy tickets on our website via Paypal.

It should be up and running in a few days.


I would like to thank Irene Guevara for helping me

cast the vision of the repayment of our loan.

Thank you Ernie Guevara for putting together the video.

I would like to thank our Trailblazers for participating.

We thank the Filipino Church 'Christ in You'

for joining us in prayer.

We helped them in time of building their church,

and they have always been partnering with us

in the building of our synagogue.

We have seen the miracle of the acquisition of our building

on Commonwealth Avenue thanks to our realtor, 

Taroub 'Ruby' Shehadi.

We have seen the miracle of obtaining a loan.

We have seen the miracle of seeing the loan amount 

drastically be reduced in just 4 years.

We are in the homestretch, and we believe

with the help of this congregation and beyond,

that this loan will be paid up in the very near future.

The sooner the loan is paid up, 

the sooner we can use the money to further the kingdom.


Wednesday, February 6th

   NO  Bible Study this week! 

 Music and Dance  Rehearsal Wednesday

Hayesod Class with Margarita Wednesday 

Shabbat, February 2nd Mishpatim

9 am tefillah (morning prayers)

10 am Services

noon:    ONEG

1 pm Men's group

2 pm Rabbi's corner


Happy Birthday to Hadassah Richards!

Happy Birthday to Dylan Burton!

He is doing a great job in the sound booth and website.

Happy Birthday to Becky Magsayo!

Happy Birthday to Dr. Brian Booth!

As our chiropractor, he makes the 'crooked straight'!

 Happy Birthday to Mercedes and Armanie Ratthé

Happy Birthday to Mary Woodard!


Prayers for Lewis Zeinz

who was struck by a car

and is recuperating at Anaheim Memorial.


Prayers for Azi & Carolyn Holman

and Myrna Stevens - on the

sale of their homes.


 Diana Catsoulas is looking for a part-time caregiver for her mother.

If you are interested in the position,

please email Diana at:

[email protected]


Upcoming Events.

February 23rd:  Rami Danieli

Shavuah Tov!! 

Rabbi Corey and his forever bride, Hilary