TAJ E-NEWS 2018 1-20-18

TAJ E News


We are taking reservations for our Passover Seder.

date:  April 20th luncheon

location:  Westbridge Country Club, La Habra

cost:  adults 45 dollars,  children 12 and under 23 dollars

The seating is limited.


Yasher Koach to Leiandra (Ariel) Holman

on her Torah reading today.

Can you believe it has been three years since her Bat Mitzvah?

Yasher Koach to Azi Holman

for leading the Holy Horse Bells today.


Wednesday, January 23, 2019

    Bible Study this week:  Tu B'shevat 101

(New Year for the Trees) 

  Music  Rehearsal

Shabbat, January 26, 2019 -- Yitro

9 am tefillah (morning prayers)

10 am Services

noon:    ONEG

1:30 pm   Rabbi's Corner


Yay!!  Daniel Jimenez is back home

from the hospital!

Please keep him in your prayers.


Happy Birthday to Juanita Guzman!

Happy Birthday to Kim Algra!

Happy Birthday to Elizabeth Soria!

Happy Anniversary to Reg and Margarita Deuning!

Happy Anniversary to Azi and Carolyn Holman!


 Dimitri and Alina Tribelsky,

congregational leaders of a Messianic Congregation in Russia,

are now back in very cold and dreary St. Petersburg.

They want to greet everyone and thank Yeshua, our Messiah,

for TAJ's love and faithful commitment.

Keep them in your prayers as they

bring the Good News to their countrymen.


We welcome back, Renee Brown!

  She is back from India. 


Pray for Art Sifuentes, Juanita Guzman

and for all those who are sick.....

Prayers for healing!


Diana Catsoulas is looking for a part-time caregiver for her mother.

If you are interested in the position,

please email Diana at:

[email protected]


Upcoming Events.

February 23rd:  Rami Danieli

Shavuah Tov!! 

Rabbi Corey and his forever bride, Hilary