TAJ E-NEWS 2018 1-13-18

TAJ E News

Yasher Koach to Hadassah Richards!

She did a beautiful job and she gave honor to

Yeshua and to the TAJ community.

Thanks to Renee Brown for instruction of haftarah.

Thanks to Azi Holman for his direction.

Thanks to talented Jordan Jakubowski

for leading a wonderful worship service along with Ari and Chana.

Thanks to Cheryl Sifuentes and the women of TAJ

for making an utterly delicious Oneg.

Thanks to Alisha F. and Jessica and Eugene Trevithick

and others in decorating the social hall.

Thanks Adam Brown for taking photos of this special day.


Today begins the Passover Season with

Parasha Bo and the institution of Pesach.

We will begin taking reservations for our Passover Seder

this coming Shabbat.

date:  April 20th luncheon

location:  Westbridge Country Club, La Habra

cost:  adults 45 dollars,  children 12 and under 23 dollars

The seating is limited.


We thank HaShem for protecting three of our congregants

this week from serious auto accidents.

Rick Coe, Azi Holman and Aaron Beltran all 

walked away from  cars that were totaled... 

without a scratch!


Wednesday, January 16, 2019

   NO  Bible Study this week 

  NO Music and Dance Rehearsal

NO HaYesod class 

 Shabbat, January 19, 2019   Beshelach

9 am tefillah (morning prayers)

10 am Services

noon:    ONEG

1  pm  Women's meeting

2 pm   Rabbi's Corner


Happy Birthday to Rick Coe!

Happy Birthday to Becky Magsayo!

Happy Birthday to  Raven Goff!


Welcome Dimitri and Alina Tribelsky,

congregational leaders of a Messianic Congregation in Russia.

They are leaving the States and leaving January 15th.

Thank you for spending time with Kesher Chai 

and sharing in Rabbi's Corner.

Also, thank you for the two worship songs today.


Traveling Mercies to Renee Brown

as she travels from India back to the States, with her son Stephen.


Pray for Art Sifuentes - flu


Praying for Sally Knauf's daughter Erika and son-in-law, Angel.

They are fostering three children and have

become amazing parents.

The children are thriving under their care, 

and Angel and Erika want now to adopt them.

May this come to be.


Diana Catsoulas is looking for a part-time caregiver for her mother.

If you are interested in the position,

please email Diana at:

[email protected]


Upcoming Events.

February 23rd:  Rami Danieli

Shavuah Tov!! 

Rabbi Corey and his forever bride, Hilary