TAJ E-NEWS 2016-5-7



We thank our Mothers for the legacy they left us.


Thank you Brian Brough

 for leading our Men's Group today!

Great job!

Brian and Susanna Zick and their son, Adna

will be moving back to Tennessee 

later this month.

 Brian and Susanna are expecting their second child.
This week 
Wednesday,  May 11th

  Bible Study this week at 7:30 pm

We will be studying the elementary principles of Messianic Judaism.

There will be Music rehearsal only.

Shabbat:  KEDOSHIM
May 14, 2016
 9 am:  prayer

10 am:  services

noon:  oneg

1:30 pm - 4 pm

DANCE CAMP:  with Ralph and Mindy Seta (M.D.C.I.)

 Many of you met a lovely lady today at Temple.

She is Jewish and is also from Lebanon and a believer!  

Georgette lives in a RV motorhome.

She is asking if anyone has space or knows of a space

she can "park"  temporary or permanent.

In return, she can garden, clean, get groceries,

 take care of pets, in other words,
a caretaker.

 Respond to this email if you are interested.
Pray for Jessica T's Mom and Dad

who had a bad auto accident.

Jessica and Eugene will be leaving in a week

to go to Australia to help her parents.

She will be gone for several months.


Let us pray for

Reuben Santillon.

We ask for healing.

upcoming events:
May 14 Shabbat   Dance Camp 1:30 pm - 4 pm

May 28th:  Patrick and Christine Lumbroso 

June 4th:  Arabic Christian / Messianic Jewish Fellowship  in San Dimas   5pm - 9:30 pm

May you all have a blessed week.....
Chag Pesach!!

Rabbi Corey and his bride, Hilary