TAJ E-NEWS 2016-5-29


Omer day 36
 Thank you Patrick and Christine Lumbroso

for a special Shabbat.  

We love their music

and Patrick's teaching.

You may find them on www.thelumbrosos.com

Also, a big thank you to Marianne Wegener

for choreographing their music for Shabbat worship.

Marianne is a blessing to all of us!!EmojiEmojiEmoji
Mary McKinney wants to thank

all of you who made a 'field trip'

to her birthday bash last Sunday.

We all had a blast.

 Continue to Pray for Gina's Mom and Brother.

They just had another auto accident.

They are OK, but shaken up.

Last Thursday several TAJ people 

went to the Homeschooler's Fair.

The Ratthe Children had their creativity on display.

Also, Tovah and Penny Davis sold many

of their knitted handbags.

Those who were unable to attend will have another

chance to attend tomorrow, Memorial Day.

                                                          The 27th Annual Homeschool Fair
 Memorial Day, Monday, May 30, 2016
9. - 4 p.m.
Ontario Christian High School

Happy Birthday to Yochanan Matthew!

Pray that the Lord blesses him with work.

He is an electrical engineer.

Happy Birthday to Edmund Lautt!!

Praying for healing mercies.


Happy Birthday to Luann Jollineau!

The miles cannot separate you from TAJ!!


Thank you Francis Ratthe 

for presenting to us 

the slide show of your last trip to Israel.

Men's Group this Shabbat.

Azi Holman will be leading the group this week.

This week 
Wednesday,  June 1st

 NO Bible Study this week:
There will be Dance and Music Rehearsal

Shabbat:  Bechukotai    
June 4th
 9 am:  prayer

10 am:  services
Torah reader:  Yaakov ben Jochanan
noon:  oneg

12:35 pm  Mens Group

1:30 pm  No Rabbi's Corner

Encouraging all to attend the Arabic Christian/Messianic Jewish Event
at 5 pm.
Brian and Susanna Zick and their son, Adna

will be moving back to Tennessee 

later this month.

 Brian and Susanna are expecting their second child.
Let us pray for

Reuben Santillon.

We ask for healing 
Also, we ask for healing
for Jennifer Hasa.  

Her lymphoma has returned but we know HaShem

has full control.

Pray for her healing.


Let us lift up Belma Fraire's daughter:
skin cancer


We rejoice with Caroline Ourfalian!

Asking Hashem to continue with her on her journey.  


Thank you Lord for bringing Daniel Grossman

from the spirit of darkness into the light.


Pray for the Ratthe Family.

Francis is being laid off from his work at the end of JULY.

They are all resting in His arms because they KNOW

that HaShem is in the business of taking care of their needs.

They are looking forward to see what our Father in Heaven

has for them.

upcoming events:

June 4th:  26th Arabic Christian / Messianic Jewish Fellowship  in San Dimas   5pm - 9:30 pm

This year we will be having Sally Klein O'Connor

giving her testimony with music.

LIFE Pacific College - Simonson Center (in the chapel)

1100 W. Covina Blvd, San Dimas, CA  91773

(corner of Covina Blvd and S. Lone Hill Avenue)

You are cordially invited to a joyous night of fellowship with Messianic Jews and Arab Christians...all are welcome.

Only through Messiah Yeshua can Jews and Arabs come together to worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

We will also be taking up an offering the next two weeks to donate to Messianic Jewish and Arabic Christian ministries in the Land of Israel.  
Last year the Fellowship donated 5000 dollars to divide between them.

 1. Hope for Israel (Moran Rosenblit) to support Joseph Haddad’s ministry to Lebanese Arabs, and Jews in Nahariya, Israel; 


2. Hope for Ishmael (Taysir Abu-Saada) to support the Little Hearts Preschool in Jerusalem


3. Succat Hallel’s Elav Youth / Young Adult Conferences. It sounds like this year that they will have multiple one evening meetings around Israel (versus just one summer conference like 2015) for believing Jewish, Arab, and other youth in Israel.

June 11th  Saturday evening  7 pm:  

            Shavuot Services, beginning with havdalah


May you all have a blessed week.....
Rabbi Corey and his bride, Hilary