TAJ E-NEWS 2016-5-26-12




Thank you for the great turnout at our Erev Shavuot Service last night.

Began with Havdalah and had a beautiful Torah Service.

Thank you Azi Holman for your Drash and reading from the Torah.

Thank you Reg Deuning and the Holy Horse Bellsfor the music.

Thank you Marianne Wegener for leading the dances.

Since the emphasis was on the receiving of the Torah, we also ended the evening

with prayer in honor of receiving the Ruach HaKodesh.

I want to thank Bob and Gloria Harrington for bringing

the traditional dairy.....ice cream cups for all!!



Thank you for your prayers for Ruben Santillon.

Yesterday, Ruben began chemotherapy and he had no after-effects.

Please continue to pray for Ruben and his lovely wife, Martina.

She has been at his side and is encouraged by initial doctor reports.

Let us pray that our Creator can destroy ALL the cancerous cells

in his body.


Finally we got the carpets cleaned.

We are forced to make a rule: No Food and No Beverages

in the sanctuary.

This goes for the other two congregations that use our building.

This week 

Wednesday, June 15th

NO Bible Study this week:

There will be Dance and Music Rehearsal



Shabbat: NASSO 

June 18th

9 am: prayer

10 am: services

noon: oneg

1:30 pm Rabbi's Corner


Also, we ask for healing

for Jennifer Hasa.

Her lymphoma has returned but we know HaShem

has full control.

Pray for her healing.


We rejoice with Caroline Ourfalian!

Asking Hashem to continue with her on her journey.


Thank you HaShem for protecting

our Chris from harm

when she fell on her head.

She is promising us that she will get new shoes.


Pray for the Ratthe Family.

Francis is being laid off from his work at the end of JULY.

They are all resting in His arms because they KNOW

that HaShem is in the business of taking care of their needs.

They are looking forward to see what our Father in Heaven

has for them.


Happy Birthday to Brian Brough!!

Thank you Brian for being an example of a man of G-d.

You are a Berean and a Servant.


Happy Birthday to Ludwig and Maximillien Ratthe.

These are very special young men.


A very Special Happy 14th Anniversary to

Rick and Maria Coe


Happy 48th Anniversary to

Ernie and Irene Guevara

They still look like newlyweds.


It was so good to see Sarai Bustos with her Mom, Ana!

Ana....the knee replacement was a success.


Welcome back from China,

Diana Qian!


Looking forward to the return of Tim and Linda Chenfrom

their six month ministry trip to China.

upcoming events:

 August 6 Jonathan Settel will be with us!!

May you all have a blessed week.....

Rabbi Corey and his bride, Hilary