TAJ E-NEWS 2016-5-21


Omer day 29
Tonight is Peach Sheni.

It was for those in the days of the Temple

who found themselves ritually impure at the time of the

Passover Seder.   

Hashem gave us a second chance to fulfill the Passover 

by having a seder a month later.

In the Brit Chadasha, we see that two Rabbis

Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea  were in contact

with a corpse, Yeshua.

They placed him in the tomb.

The scriptures point to the fact that they both 

were not able to be part of the Seder,

but would have a second chance a month later.

But the joy...the second Passover Seder  (Pesach Sheni)

would be a celebration of Yeshua 

and His resurrection.

For us, it is another reason to celebrate His resurrection,

and the hope of our own resurrection in the future.

We want to celebrate one of our fine ladies

at Temple Aviv Judea.....

Mary McKinney (Vukovich)

on her 70th Birthday.

She is forever young.

Her husband, Alan, is inviting all you to their party

tomorrow May 22nd.

Address:     McMaster Park, Mc Master Center-New Building Huge Playground

3624 Artesia Blvd. Torrance, CA  90504. 

                   Corner of Artesia & Yukon, East of Prairie


TIME..  May 22nd at 1:00 pm.  

                    A time to CELEBRATE! laugh, love, and rejoice in G-D's blessings

                     In life.


FOOD....      All organic, sugar free, gluten free and provided.  Super nutrients foods

                     by YOUNGEVITY 


ATTIRE...     casual 



CHILDREN:   Welcome

Pray for Gina's Mom and Brother.

They just had another auto accident.

They are OK, but shaken up.


As you know the Ratthe family have 10 children.

All of them are talented....except we are waiting to see 

what gifts Sephora and Jarusha have.

They will be present at a Homeschooler's Fair

in which they will present their gifts to the public.

Time: May 26, 2016 from 11am to 5pm
Location: Huntington Beach Central Park Cement Outdoor Ampitheater (behind the HB library)
Street: 7111 Talbert Ave.
City/Town: Huntington Beach, CA


Thank you Luis Rengifo 

for starting the two week campaign

of writing letters to US military men and women,

and to the IDF soldiers.

We are writing hand-written letters to our soldiers.

This week 
Wednesday,  May 25

 Bible Study this week:
Continuation of the Elementary Principles of Messianic Judaism. 

There will be Music rehearsal

Shabbat:  Behar    
May 28, 2016
 9 am:  prayer

10 am:  services

Patrick and Christine Lumbroso

will provide fine teaching and music .

noon:  oneg

1:30 pm  Rabbi's Corner

2:30 pm  Francis Ratthe will share the slides of 

his last trip to Israel with the two oldest boys

for pruning the vineyards in Samaria

through the HaYovel ministry.
Brian and Susanna Zick and their son, Adna

will be moving back to Tennessee 

later this month.

 Brian and Susanna are expecting their second child.

Let us pray for

Reuben Santillon.

We ask for healing.

Pray for the Ratthe Family.

Francis is being laid off from his work at the end of JULY.

They are all resting in His arms because they KNOW

that HaShem is in the business of taking care of their needs.

They are looking forward to see what our Father in Heaven

has for them.

Pray for Talia

health issues.
Financial Updates:

As you know we have a building to pay up.

Once it is ours.....

we can do even more for the Lord.

There are TWO ways to help TAJ financially above and beyond

what you all give...

1)  Remember us in your will.  This is the last thing you 

will do on earth for HaShem.   Let us be faithful 

stewards of our money even when we no longer are here.

2) If you are thinking of selling or buying a home, PLEASE

consider using our sister and realtor Taroub (Ruby) Shehadi.

She has helped many in this congregation and others.

She was used by the Lord to obtain our building, that we

are so grateful to the Lord.

She is a believer who will tithe her earnings on the sale

and give it to TAJ.

You can reach her at 562 - 587 - 6400

upcoming events:

Next week:  Patrick and Christine Lumbroso 

Patrick is a great teacher with a gifted understanding of Hebrew (biblical and modern).

Christine, his wife, who makes beautiful jewelry and other pieces of Judaica.

Both are gifted musicians...with another upcoming CD being released shortly.

June 4th:  26th Arabic Christian / Messianic Jewish Fellowship  in San Dimas   5pm - 9:30 pm

This year we will be having Sally Klein O'Connor

giving her testimony with music.

LIFE Pacific College - Simonson Center (in the chapel)

1100 W. Covina Blvd, San Dimas, CA  91773

(corner of Covina Blvd and S. Lone Hill Avenue)

You are cordially invited to a joyous night of fellowship with Messianic Jews and Arab Christians...all are welcome.

Only through Messiah Yeshua can Jews and Arabs come together to worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

We will also be taking up an offering the next two weeks to donate to Messianic Jewish and Arabic Christian ministries in the Land of Israel.  
Last year the Fellowship donated 5000 dollars to divide between them.

 1. Hope for Israel (Moran Rosenblit) to support Joseph Haddad’s ministry to Lebanese Arabs, and Jews in Nahariya, Israel; 


2. Hope for Ishmael (Taysir Abu-Saada) to support the Little Hearts Preschool in Jerusalem


3. Succat Hallel’s Elav Youth / Young Adult Conferences. It sounds like this year that they will have multiple one evening meetings around Israel (versus just one summer conference like 2015) for believing Jewish, Arab, and other youth in Israel.


May you all have a blessed week.....
Rabbi Corey and his bride, Hilary