TAJ E-NEWS 2016-5-2


This last Sunday afternoon,

we had our Fifth March of Remembrance

on the steps of City Hall in Fullerton.

We began with a beautiful program.

The Holocaust message was given by Rabbi Corey.

Sally Klein O'Connor 

attended and presented timely songs

and added her sentiments of the remembrance.

Thanks to Gina Leibman for putting together

a poignant presentation with vignettes from 

Holocaust survivors.  Thank you to the 

actors/actresses who shared with us 

the telling of their stories.  

Thank you Azi Holman, Mike Lorenz, and Lupe Pruneda

and of course, Gina Leibmann.

Kaddish (the Mourner's Prayer) was recited.

Dana Baker closed with Eli, Eli.

A beautiful arrangement given so graciously byJonathan Settel.

We then walked a mile around through the downtown of Fullerton

handing out roses to the people on the route.

Each Rose had a card attached to the rose.

Thank you Sally Klein O'Connor for letting us use her idea for this

beautiful way of reaching out to others through the Love of Messiah.

Thank you Ernie and Irene Guevara for ordering and picking up the roses

and the water for us.

Last but not least,  I thank the City of Fullerton, for assisting us

to make this event safe and legal.


Annual Leadership Meeting at Kurt's Home:

We have many leaders of different ministries.

If you were invited last year, it is more than likely, you

need to attend this year also.

Date:  June 5 (Sunday)


Happy Birthday TOM CRANE!

Tom has been such a blessing to TAJ!

May HaShem bless Tom abundantly.
Happy Birthday to my cousin...

Jonathan Settel! 

Thank you for your music that turns our hearts to heaven.

We thank you for all your prayers.

Hilary's Dad, Mitch is doing better!

He thanks you all.

Believe it or not, Papa was back at Temple yesterday.
Pray for Jessica T's Mom and Dad

who had a bad auto accident.

They escaped with bad bruises.

We thank Hashem that He spared them their lives.


Let us pray for

Reuben Santillon.

We ask for healing.

upcoming events:

May you all have a blessed week.....
Chag Pesach!!


Rabbi Corey and his bride, Hilary