TAJ E-NEWS 2016-2-7


 I want to thank ALL the
people that attended last night's , 

"First Annual Prayer Meeting for the Arab Christian/Messianic Jewish congregations".
We prayed for the peace and salvation of the Arab nations and peoples and for the Jewish people.

We began the prayer meeting with Havdalah (the conclusion of the Shabbat).  

It is a beautiful way to make a distinction between the holy and the profane.  

The leaders led the prayers 

and afterwards we formed smaller groups and prayed for one another.

I want to thank Michael Brown for his dedication all these years.    

Good to see Pastors Solomon and Jamil.

Thank you TAJ men and women,for your help in setting up and cleaning.

Special thanks go to Dana Baker, who was there from the beginning

to the very end yesterday.  What a blessing he is!!

Remember...please put Saturday, June 4th at 5 pm on your calendar.

It will be our annual Arab Christian / Messianic Jewish event in San Dimas.

It is a time to show the love we have as one body in Messiah.


Please put on your calendar two more dates:

April 23rd Passover Seder
at the Meridian in Fullerton.

May 1st, Sunday afternoon, for our 5th Annual March of Remembrance

on the steps of the Fullerton City Hall.
Happy 18th Wedding Anniversary

to a great couple....

Luis and Ingrid Rengifo.

They are an example of what a marriage looks like.

Thank you for your transparency.

Lots of congratulations!!

 Thank you for your prayers.
 Francis Ratthe and his two eldest sons, 

Maxmillian and Ludwig

made it safely to the Land of Israel 

in order to prune the vineyards

so it will be ready for harvest in the Fall.

They are doing this under the ministry of HaYovel.

Side note:  If you want to contribute to HaYovel, 

you can now sign up with Amazon, called Amazon Smile,

and each time you make a purchase,

0.05% will go to HaYovel.

Remember, you have to specify HaYovel

when you sign up for Amazon Smile.

Join us this coming Shabbat.....

This will be Paul and Luann's last Shabbat before 

they begin their way home.

This week 
Wednesday February 10, 2016

  Bible Study this week!

There will be a Music Rehearsal.

Shabbat Terumah
February 13th
9 am   Prayer

Please join this ministry.  

We need prayer and protection and covering.

10 am  Service

noon:  Oneg
1:30  pm  Rabbi's Corner

Thank you Juanita, Chris and Belma for 

doing a magnificent job in the oneg.

Please give them lots of grace as

they experiment in serving the congregation.

It is not an easy task, but in doing this,

they are serving Messiah and His Body.
upcoming events:

March 12th   Sally Klein O'Connor will be here
to minister to us in song.


April 23rd  Our Annual Passover Seder

It will be taking place in the same place as last year!

May 1st:  Our 5th Annual March of Remembrance

Prayer Requests:

Prayers for Greg Davis - speedy recovery
Hurry up....Rabbi misses you!

May you all have a blessed week.....
Look up....His redemption draws nigh.

Rabbi Corey and his bride, Hilary