TAJ E-NEWS 2015-9-6


Yom Teruah (The Day of the Sounding of the Shofar).
It is the first of the Fall Moedim (Feast).
We will meet on Sunday Evening, September 13th at 7:30 pm.
It is a Jewish Tradition to assemble at midnight on the Day of Shabbat
 before Yom Teruah (Selichot) and seek Repentance.
At Temple Aviv Judea, it is our tradition to meet 
after Shabbat Services to come together 
for an immersion.
If you are interested in having an individual 'Messianic' Immersion
proclaiming to others that you are identifying 
with the Jewish Messiah, please reply back to me.

As for Repentance, those who attend will then come in a circle 
to immerse together and repent before HaShem
in unity.

This may be our last chance 
before we see Him face to face.

Time:  September 12th
time:  2:30 pm
location:  Mother's Beach  (Alamitos Bay)
5839 E. Appian Way
Long Beach, CA  90802
Directions:  make Left turn onto Commonwealth 
                  left turn onto Harbor
                  go West on 91 Freeway
                 South on 605 ...to the end
                 exit 7th Street (on the right side)
                keep right and exit on Studebaker
                 At the signal, make left on Studebaker
                 Right on Westminster/Second Street
                 Pass Pacific Coast Highway, and cross over bridge and stay on your right.
                 exit from the bridge  (Appian way/ Marine Park)
                 make left on Appian way....and you will see Mother's Beach.
              We will meet to the left of the lifeguard.

Blessing the IDF soldiers 

with Hershey Bars (kosher) 

"Hersheys for Heroes"

Lupe Pruneda has been coordinating this 'sweet' ministry.
We will be wrapping the chocolate bars with personalized and decorated letters to the soldiers.
Lupe has informed me that TAJ has provided enough money to buy 360 Bars...which has exceeded the goal Lupe set of 300!

Lupe will be coordinating a time to personalize the notes.
Even our children, with Renee's help, will be in on this.

Lupe will then have it shipped to Israel.
We are starting a group called "Jewish Quilt".
We will be coming together to make quilts for the 
Israeli Holocaust survivors.
There are 170,000 Holocaust survivors in Israel.
30 % of them are living below the poverty level.
They are dying at a rate of 1000 a month.
We will be partnering with ISRAEL FOOD OUTREACH!

Karen Farley will be heading this ministry.
We need man and woman power.
We will need materials.
If you have the materials, please let me know.

If you are interested in participating in this  ministry, please
reply to this email.

High Holy Day Schedule 5776
YOM TERUAH (Rosh HaShanah)   Sunday, September 13th  
                    7:30 pm
 KOL NIDRE (Yom Kippur evening)  Tuesday night Sept 22nd
    We all begin the fast together.  Dana Baker will sing
    Kol Nidre.
NEILAH:  Wednesday at 5:30 pm , September 23rd  
  The concluding service.  Yizkor and Remembrance.
    We will break the fast together at its conclusion.
SUKKOT (Feast of Tabernacles):  Sunday night September 27th
       at 7:30 pm

Lift up Francis and Eve Ratthe
and their 9 children
as they go on a mission trip 
to Israel.
They will be spending two weeks of this trip
with the ministry, HaYovel (the Jubilee).
They will be harvesting grapes from the
vineyards in Samaria.
They will be helping the Israeli farmers
and be part of the Redemption of the Land.

Please pray with us for them.
If you want to give financially, 
you can go on 
but make sure you note the donation is to go
to the Ratthe family.
It is tax deductible.
Also, let us wish Brian and Susannah Zick, and their son, Adna
a safe trip to Israel.  They will
also be gone two months.
Pray for traveling mercies.

Please visit our Website:
We have many updates each week.
The Rabbi's messages are also posted on the website.
We have beautiful photos
and dancing steps to our worship music.
In order to enjoy these benefits, you must register.
If you are having trouble signing in......please let me know.
 Prayer Requests
Praise Report:
Belma Fraire's son-in-law
Kilder Delgado
just diagnosed with colon cancer.
His surgery went well.
They feel they got all the cancer out.

We are looking for men and women who
are willing to learn 
the sound board....
to help us create an environment
to worship the King.
This is an important ministry.
Here is a chance for you to serve the Lord.
It will be rotational.

prayer request:
Jennifer Hasa:  health issues

Happy Birthday to Roy Guzman!
We are so blessed each week we see Roy.
He brings a smile to each one of us.
Happy Birthday to Lupe Pruneda!
You bring enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge.

Happy Birthday to 
Maria Fernanda
and Martina Santillon!!

These two people are part of my cheering section
each Shabbat.

Happy Birthday to Debbie Kline-Iantorno.
She has brought music 
of worship to us...with her great husband, Vince.
May HaShem bless you this coming year.
...as you have blessed us!!Emoji


Mazel Tov to Marvin Imm and Lee Atkins
upon their upcoming wedding this coming weekend.

What's Happening this week!

Wednesday, September 9th  7:30 pm

  Bible Study tonight.
There WILL be Music Rehearsal
Shabbat Nitzavim, September 12th  
9 am   Prayer
10 am Shabbat Services   
noon:  oneg (lunch)
We will be leaving after lunch.
Must be out of the building by 2 pm
upcoming event:

 September 12th:  Immersion before Yom Teruah
Those who want to identify with the 'Jewish' Messiah are invited, 
and for those who want to publicly repent before HaShem, we will
have a group immersion.   2:30 pm

September 13th:  Yom Teruah Service at 7:30 pm

October 3rd  We will have our annual Sukkot Shabbat Picnic
at Yorba Regional Park.
We always have a great time together spending Shabbat outdoors 
in the spirit that is Sukkot.

Gregory St. Pierre has re-mastered and put together the Best of the Holy Horse Bells
for Set One and Set Two.
See Gregory if you want to order the CD.
A love donation = 15 dollars

Prayer Request:  two missionaries request prayer

Prayer Request from Dan and Marilyn Wilson: 
Missionaries who are in the areas that are being attacked by ISIS are asking to be showered in prayer. ISIS has taken over the town they are in today. He said ISIS is systematically going house to house to all the Christians and asking the children to denounce Jesus. He said so far not one child has. And so far all have consequently been killed. But not the parents. The UN has withdrawn and the missionaries are on their own. They are determined to stick it out for the sake of the families even if it means their own deaths. They are very afraid, have no idea how to even begin ministering to these families who have seen their children martyred. Yet he says he knows God has called them for some reason to be His voice and hands at this place at this time.    

Come and be Blessed!

Have a blessed week...
Rabbi Corey and his Bride