TAJ E-NEWS 2015-9-27


We have been in our building now for one year!
He has blessed us greatly.
The secret:  not the building but the people inside.
His hand has been upon this congregation
and we are so thankful.

At this time I do want to thank
Ruby (Taroub) Shehadi
our dear sister, and our 'praying' realtor.   The Lord used her greatly
to acquire this building.
She has blessed several people in this congregation
with real estate sales and questions.

Join us tonight (Sunday evening) at 7:30 pm 
for our Sukkot service.
We will be waving the lulav and etrog tomorrow before the Lord.
Sukkot is the last of the Moedim (holy convocations).
 The Quilt Ministry is moving ahead.
If anyone is interested in joining this....

  email Karen Farley:  [email protected]


Mazel Tov 
Corrine Einarssen
Hilary Sylvester
upon the completion of the Eastern Mural.
It is beautiful.
What an offering to HaShem!

High Holy Day Schedule 5776
SUKKOT (Feast of Tabernacles):  Sunday night September 27th
       at 7:30 pm

Adding a service next Sunday, October 4th 
at 7:30 pm
Francis and Eve Ratthe are in Israel with their nine children.
 They have had many divine appointments while in Jerusalem
including running into Rami Danieli near the Kotel.
Also, visiting with Ellah Gorelik.
Also, let us wish Brian and Susannah Zick, and their son, Adna
a safe trip to Israel.  They will
also be gone two months.

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Praise Report

Eve Ratthe's health issue seems to have 'miraculously' gone.
We praise HaShem!!
Thank you John,  Dana and Lambert for stepping up to do the sound.
 ....with Luis as a great teacher.

Thank you to all who helped on the Termite Shed Project:
Kurt Wilson, coordinator
Phil Duprey
Greg Horne
Richard Acker
Alan Foster
and Chris Oropeza

prayer request:
Jennifer Hasa:  health issues

Happy Birthday to  Azi Holman!
We have been blessed with such a talented musician and teacher.
He has done a wonderful job on training Jacob Lamb on his Bar Mitzvah.
Most importantly, he has proven to be a fine Elder of this congregation.
I know you will join me in wishing him a happy birthday.
What's Happening this week!

Sunday, September 27th  at 7:30 pm
Sukkot Service

Wednesday, September 30th   
No Bible Study this week
Music and Dance rehearsal
October 3rd
There will be no services at Fullerton this week.
 We will be meeting at YORBA REGIONAL PARK, Anaheim
area #1
come join us to fulfill the commandment to be in a Sukkah.

upcoming event:
Adding a service next Sunday, October 4th 
at 7:30 pm

Come and be Blessed!

Have a blessed week...
Rabbi Corey and his Bride