TAJ E-News 2015-9-20


We are in the Days of Awe (between Yom Teruah and Yom Kippur).
We will be coming together for a holy convocation
called Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) this Tuesday evening at 7:30 pm.
It is a day of fasting.

Dana Baker, cantor soloist, will be
singing Kol Nidre.

All are invited to return on Wednesday morning 10- noon
for intercessory prayer 
for Israel and the Jewish people.

We will all return for the concluding service at 5:30 pm.
We will be remembering our families that have passed.
We will also be remembering the six million Jewish people that perished 
in the Holocaust.
We will break the fast after the service.
Blessing the IDF soldiers 
with Hershey Bars (kosher) 

"Hersheys for Heroes"

Lupe Pruneda has been coordinating this 'sweet' ministry.
We will be wrapping the chocolate bars with personalized and decorated letters to the soldiers.
Lupe has informed me that TAJ has provided enough money to buy 360 Bars...which has exceeded the goal Lupe set of 300!

Lupe will be coordinating a time to personalize the notes.
Even our children, with Renee's help, will be in on this.

Lupe will then have it shipped to Israel.
Several of us will be assembling quilts
to be given to Israeli Holocaust survivors.
There are 170,000 Holocaust survivors in Israel.
30 % of them are living below the poverty level.
They are dying at a rate of 1000 a month.
We will be partnering with ISRAEL FOOD OUTREACH!

Karen Farley will be heading this ministry.
We need man and woman power.
We will need materials.
If you have the materials, please let me know.

The first meeting together will take place today, September 20th
at Corrine's home in Irvine.
 They will begin sewing the squares at this time

If going RSVP to Corrine or Karen
or email:  [email protected]


Mazel Tov 
Corrine Einarssen
Hilary Sylvester
upon the completion of the Eastern Mural.
It is beautiful.
What an offering to HaShem!

High Holy Day Schedule 5776
 KOL NIDRE (Yom Kippur evening)  Tuesday night Sept 22nd
begins 7:30 pm
    We all begin the fast together.  Dana Baker will sing
    Kol Nidre.
NEILAH:  Wednesday at 5:30 pm , September 23rd  
begins 5:30 pm
  The concluding service.  Yizkor and Remembrance.
    We will break the fast together at its conclusion.
SUKKOT (Feast of Tabernacles):  Sunday night September 27th
       at 7:30 pm
Francis and Eve Ratthe are in Israel with the nine children.
Eve needs prayer.
She is having some health issues.
Also, let us wish Brian and Susannah Zick, and their son, Adna
a safe trip to Israel.  They will
also be gone two months.
Pray for traveling mercies.

Also, prayers to Diana Qian on her trip to Israel.

Also, prayers for Julie Tanaka on her trip to Israel.

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The Rabbi's messages are also posted on the website.
We have beautiful photos
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Praise Report

Thank you John,  Dana and Lambert for stepping up to do the sound.
They all did a great job yesterday...with Luis as a great teacher.


prayer request:
Jennifer Hasa:  health issues

Happy Birthday to  Myrna Stevens!
Thank you for all the birthday and anniversary cards you make along with Carolyn
so we can honor and bless the members of the congregation.

Happy Birthday to Gregory St. Pierre!

thank you for your guitar playing, handiwork and magical abilities.
May you have a good year of blessings.
Happy Birthday to Dolly and Dorrie!

What's Happening this week!

Tuesday, September 22nd  7:30 pm
Yom Kippur Service

Wednesday, September 23rd  5:30 pm

 Neilah (concluding service of Yom Kippur Service) at 5:30pm.
We will break the fast together after the service.
September 26th
Shabbat  Ha'azinu
9 am   Prayer
10 am Shabbat Services   
noon:  oneg (lunch)
 1:30 PM Rabbi's Corner
upcoming event:
October 3rd  We will have our annual Sukkot Shabbat Picnic
at Yorba Regional Park.
We always have a great time together spending Shabbat outdoors 
in the spirit that is Sukkot.
We will be meeting at area #1

Gregory St. Pierre has re-mastered and put together the Best of the Holy Horse Bells
for Set One and Set Two.
See Gregory if you want to order the CD.
A love donation = 15 dollars

Come and be Blessed!

Have a blessed week...
Rabbi Corey and his Bride