TAJ E-NEWS 2015-8-2

We are presently in the seven weeks to YOM TERUAH (Rosh Hashanah).
We just observed Tisha B'av , the day we
remember the destruction of both Temples in Jerusalem.
During these seven Shabbaton, we read Haftorahs, especially from Isaiah,
that emphasize CONSOLATION.  
Unfortunately, the Rabbis have deliberately removed Isaiah 53.
How poignant it is that Israel's greatest consolation is found in Isaiah 53.
If you have not read this chapter, it is time to sit down and be consoled.

Thanks to all who attended the Rally last Sunday
at the Los Angeles Federal Building.
It was a chance for us to stand with the Jewish people
regarding the bad nuclear deal the US is about to accept with Iran.


Thank you Ellah Gorelik 
for spending time with us 
and singing some of our favorite songs.
It is always great to see you.


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עברית עם עזי
(Hebrew with Azi)

Rabbi's Corner needs an appetizer.
From 1:30-1:45 pm 
Azi will be teaching Hebrew, one letter at a time.

What a great way to segue into Rabbi's Corner.
 Prayer Requests

 Condolences to Nina Lee on the loss of her mother two weeks ago.
Condolences to Nina again on the loss of her father just 13 days later.
They both were believers. 
They are now in the arms of Yeshua.
Abba, Give strength and comfort to Nina and John during this difficult time.


Happy Birthday to Renee Brown!
Thank you for your loving service to TAJ.
We so appreciate your work with the children.
Thank you for the children's insert each week, also thank you to your son, Adam.
Thank you for singing with the Holy Horse Bells each week.
May you have a good and healthy year!


Happy 50th Birthday to Dana Baker!
Thank you for being such an inspiration to the TAJ family.
Your singing  is amazing
and thank you for sharing it with us with great liberality.

Happy Birthday to Tovah Davis!!
We are so proud of you.
Also, let us pray for Suzanne Davis, the mother of Tovah,
because during the birthday celebration,
she fractured are arm.


Happy Birthday to Trina Moorlach!
We know you have been extremely busy
with tending to your husband,
our new State Senator of California.
When you are in California, please join us.

Alanna Denton has completed her first week at her new job as a Nurse,
in a brand new state, Kodiak Alaska.
We miss you Alanna....and may you enjoy this new season in your life.


Yasher Koach to Gina Leibmann 
on her debut as
one of the Holy Horse Bells!

What's Happening this week!

Wednesday, August 5th  7:30 pm

 No Bible Study tonight.
There WILL be Music and Dance rehearsal.
Set 5
Shabbat Eikev, August 8th  
9 am   Prayer
10 am Shabbat Services   
noon:  oneg (lunch)
1:30 pm  עברית עם עזי (Hebrew with Azi)
1:45 pm Rabbi's Corner  
2:30 Israeli Dancing
upcoming event:
August 14th:  Come join Luis and Ingrid for another 
"Erev Shabbat on the Beach".
It will be at Corona del Mar.
If you are interested in going, please email Ingrid

August 15th:  Women's Meeting of all ages after ONEG

August 22nd  Rami Danieli will be making his third appearance
at our Shabbat.  Great teacher and tour guide of Israel.
He brings with him a great Messianic perspective to our Scriptures.

Come and be Blessed!

Have a blessed week...
Rabbi Corey and his Bride