TAJ E-NEWS 2015-7-5

 Temple Aviv Judea said their goodbye this 
past Shabbat to Paul and Luann Jollineau
We will miss them very much.
They have been with us over five years and in that time
they have shown through example
what it means to be a Servant.
They have given so much to this community.
Luann has given of herself through the children ministries. 
The children just loved Luann.
Our dance ministry will also miss her greatly.
Paul has shared with us his love for music and was part of 
the Holy Horse Bells.
Paul was also head of the Sound Ministry.
He did both seamlessly.

To both of them, we will miss you greatly.
traveling mercies to you both!
עברית עם עזי
(Hebrew with Azi)

Rabbi's Corner needs an appetizer.
From 1:30-1:45 pm 
Azi will be teaching Hebrew, one letter at a time.

What a great way to segue into Rabbi's Corner
Thank you so much for all that have 
stepped up to the plate
to learn the sound.
Also, thank you Luis Rengifo for taking the lead position 
in the Sound Room.  Also, thank you 

Who is going to fill the boots of Luann as superintendent
of the Shabbat School?
Renee Brown will remain in her present position.
We will be adding Ingrid Rengifo to take Luann's position.

The Bibles (70) are sold out!!

May you enjoy reading this translation as much as I do.
I will order a new shipment.  
The new price will be 40 dollars (includes shipment).
If you are interested in purchasing one, let me know.

Jewish Outreach

We are connecting with Jewish Family Services of Orange County.

There will be ways to volunteer:

1)  volunteering to drive a senior
It will be scheduled in your area.
there will be mileage reimbursement.
It will be made to fit YOUR schedule.
an opportunity to help others.

2)  If you have a gift of ministering or entertaining the seniors.
there may be opportunities also.

Please let me know if you are interested.
Let us sign up on this coming Shabbat.

It is NOT a chance for you to evangelize.
It is a chance to show your love of Messiah
through your actions.

For it is in giving that we receive.
Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words. 

                              -Francis of Assisi

 Prayer Requests

We praise the Lord for all that He has been doing for Art Sifuentes.
We believe together that He has healed him.

 David Pierce's son, Nathan
  is out of the hospital.
Pray for his recovery and salvation.
Also, prayers for his mother for salvation.
  This would have been Stig Einarsson's 
(Corrine's husband)
birthday.  We remember Stig at this time.
Thank you Corrine for keeping his name alive.

I want to thank Paul and Luann Jollineau
for their gift...
leaving his sound equipment to us.

What's Happening this week!

Wednesday, July 8th 7:30 pm

   Bible Study tonight.
We will be discussing Yeshua's Jewishness 
and look at the Jewish Messiahs
that have been recognized throughout the ages.

Shabbat, July 4th (Jollineau Shabbat)
9 am   Prayer
10 am Shabbat Services  
ZEMER LEVAV music group will be here to lead the worship this week.

noon:  oneg (lunch)
1:30 pm  עברית עם עזי (Hebrew with Azi)
1:45 pm Rabbi's Corner  
upcoming event:
This coming Shabbat:  Zemer Levav music group
This will be their second appearance.
This family blends rhythmic praise and ethnic worship with ancient Biblical instruments.
Don't miss them!!


August 22nd (tentative)  Rami Danieli will be making his third appearance
at our Shabbat.  Great teacher and tour guide of Israel.
He brings with him a great Messianic perspective to our Scriptures.
Come and be Blessed!

Hope you all had a good July 4th!
We thank HaShem for giving us the USA.
It was blessed because it provided a safe haven to the Jew first, and also to the nations.
It also was blessed because this country was founded "under G-d",
 the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
May we remember ...  Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem
..and do not forget America.

Have a blessed week...
Rabbi Corey and his Bride