TAJ E-NEWS 2015-5-31

The 25th Anniversary Celebration of the Arabic Christian/Messianic Jewish 
Fellowship of Southern California  was such a success.
LA County Mayor and Supervisor  Michael D. Antonovich
was on hand to give a special presentation for the 25th Anniversary.
There were testimonies of coming to faith, 
there was music from both Arab and Jews  
there were great dancing of worship music led by Marianne Wegener,
Our congregation presented Iantorno's 'The Name' in Dance.
Klee Adonai Dance troupe brought a powerful dance.
We prayed and fellowshipped together.
Also, the congregations contributed 5000 dollars to go 
to three wonderful ministries in Israel that minister 
BOTH to Jewish and Arab children.
Special thanks to R. Michael Brown, congregational leader
of Adat Y'shua Ha Adon, for 
his tireless energy in serving the King.


Congratulations to Gina Leibmann
upon her graduation 
receiving her certification 
in early childcare.

 We are so proud of her and her achievements.
Mazel Tov!!


This is an offer to learn from the master, Paul Jollineau.
He is going to be teaching the 'how-to' on maneuvering
around the sound room.
This is a great chance and opportunity to serve Yeshua at TAJ.
Please pray about it....and let me know.

Corrine Einarsson and Hilary Sylvester
are busy working on a mural
on our Eastern Wall.
It is going to be gorgeous!!

It is going to be a panorama of the city of Jerusalem
at sunset.....with the New City coming down from the sky!

The Bibles (70) are sold out!!

May you enjoy reading this translation as much as I do.
I will order a new shipment.  
The new price will be 40 dollars (includes shipment)

Happy Birthday to Sarah Samora!!!
Happy Birthday to Yochanan Khoury!

Happy Birthday to Marie Pierce!

Happy Birthday, Edmund Lautt

A special birthday this Thursday....
Hilary, my Bride!
May the Lord bring upon her blessings and honor.
She has blessed the congregation through her art and spirit.
She has been my partner through it all for all the years in this ministry.
She is a gift from heaven to me and to Temple Aviv Judea.

 Prayer Requests

Continue to Pray for Lucy Ugay (Chris' Mom).
She is in the ICU and had a mild heart attack.
She is having trouble eating and swallowing.


Roy Guzman had a heart procedure last week.
They did not open up his chest to get to the heart, but
had it done robotically through his blood vessels.
He is home now and doing well.
Believe it or not, Roy attended Shabbat services yesterday!

On the way to Shabbat Service last week, 
John Lamb and his son, Jacob were driving up from 
San Diego, as they do regularly... when he was side-swiped on the freeway,
 causing his car to turn around facing on-coming traffic.
It was only the hand of mighty angels protecting
them, that they were not struck by on-coming cars.
  Both of them came through this
praising HaShem and for His mercy.
 The Lamb family were all present giving glory to ADONAI yesterday!

Please pray for Lambert Hunter's wife, Deitra.
She is in the hospital with health issues.
Lord, place your hand on her and the family.


Let us pray for the safety of Karen Farley's son, Kaleb 
as he leaves for boot camp in the Marines on June 8th.
Boris Lovato and Dolly Mullen will be moving to Arizona
to get married in September.
They will be joining the congregation of Baruch HaShem as
College Campus Ministers and Community Relations Director

What's Happening this week!

Wednesday, June 3rd  7 pm

 No  Bible Study tonight.

Holy Horse Bell rehearsal
Come and learn the worship dances from Marianne Wegener.

Shabbat, June 6th 
9 am   Prayer
10 am Shabbat Services   
noon:  oneg (lunch)
1 pm  Hayesod
1:30 pm  Rabbi's Corner:  Beha'alotcha

Have a blessed week...
Rabbi Corey and his Bride