TAJ E-NEWS 2015-5-2


Day 28 of the Omer

We have with the help of Eden Church 
made our building wi-fi.
We have been able to upgrade our presentations for our services.
Azi has been doing wonders creating some beautiful slides.

Each of you can access wi-fi when in the building.
Please silence your phones during services.


Great to see Art Sifuentes back in our congregation!
Art is back at work ...part-time.
We serve a God of miracles! 

Great to see Alanna Denton today!!
She will be graduating from Nursing school.

We missed you Isaac Alatorre.
It is good to see you back where you belong!
Happy Anniversary to Roy and Juanita Guzman ....25 years!!

Happy Anniversary to Neil and Dee Merryman on their 10th anniversary!!

Happy Anniversary to Eugene and Jessica!

Happy Birthday to Bev Tilson!

Welcome Back, Diana Qian!

Condolences to Reuben Santillon on the passing of his father, Reuben.

This week at TAJ 
Monday, May 4th  7:30 pm
Monday night Israeli Dance Class CANCELED.

Wednesday , May 6th   7:30 pm
  Bible Study this week!
 HHB music in fellowship hall

Shabbat, May 9th (Emor)
9 am  Prayer
10 am  services
noon   Oneg
1 pm  HaYesod
1:30 pm  Rabbi's corner
Special Thanks:
I want to thank Neil and David for
establishing Security for us.
They love each and everyone of us.
 Pray for these two men.
Upcoming events:
May 23rd Shabbat:  The incomparable Jonathan Settel
is returning to bring heaven down to earth.
Not only is he my cousin, he is part of TAJ's family.

If anyone is interested in the Pepperdine MDCI retreat on the Shavuot Weekend/Memorial Weekend, 
please go on their website for information.

25th Anniversary Meeting of the Arabic Christian/Messianic Jewish Fellowship:
Saturday May 30, 5:00pm - 9:30pm at Life Pacific College in San Dimas.

For the next several weeks we will be collecting money towards  projects to promote reconciliation and unity among Arab Christians and Messianic Jews in Israel, as well as witness to Jews and Arabs.  There will be a 750 dollar matching. Please make a check out to Adat Y'shua and designate it to
 AC/MJ Ministry Project.
Mail check to:

Michael Brown
5424 Newcastle Ave. #358
Encino, CA 91316

More information to follow.

Have a Blessed Week  
Rabbi Corey and his bride, Hilary