TAJ E-NEWS 2015-4-5

Extra! Extra!

Where do I begin to thank everyone who was involved
in this event.  It truly takes a village.
I thank the G-d of Israel for NOT passing over us
but pouring out His Spirit upon this.
I thank my wife, Hilary for attending to the 
details.  Thank you Maria Coe for being such a great
assistant to Hilary.  Both have spent hours on the reservations itself.

Thanks to Paul Jollineau!  
Thank you for all you did to make this event a success.
Sound is extremely important and you did it seamlessly.
Thank you for coming in the day before to set up.
Thank you Paul for taking away the stress from me.
You are a blessing to me and this congregation. 

I want to thank Reg Deuning, our worship leader of the Holy Horse Bells which include, Rick Coe, Dana Baker, Dee Dee Felton, Renee Brown, David Pierce, Gregory St. Pierre, and Reuben Santillon.
Also, a big thank you to Azi Holman, HHB Emeritus.
Thank you Paul, again, for making the HHB sound beautiful.  I heard each voice and instrument clearly.

Thanks to Marianne Wegener, our Dance Leader.
Thank you Marianne, also for the Passover Presentation Dance, sung
by Debbie Kline-Iantorno, "The Name".
Thank you to our dancers, Marianne Wegener, Corrine Einarrsen, Armani Ratthe, Renee Brown, Richard Acker, Eliya Davis, Luanne Jollineau, Karen Farley, Corey and Hilary Sylvester
This was our first time we had the children present.
What a blessing they all were.
What a great added dimension they added to this Seder.
They are a blessing to me as well as the congregation.
Thanks to Renee Brown, and to Gregory St. Pierre and Marianne Wegener for making the Ma Nishtana (four questions) a success.

Thank you Dana Baker 
for the beautiful musical offering today.
We were so blessed by the song.
We literally were given 'a taste of heaven'.
Your voice is a Divine-given instrument and 
today the Lord blessed you back...

Thank you Belma Fraire for leading the women
of TAJ to assist the guests on being seated.
I want to thank Lupe Puneda, Margarita Deuning, Chris Oropeza, 
Juanita Guzman and Gloria Lovato for assisting Belma.
This was the first year we had unreserved seating.
It was amazing to see how 
they effortlessly led each of the people
to be seated.

Lastly, I want to thank the Meridian Sports Club for
doing a magnificent job.
Thank you Maggie!
 Prayer Requests:
We pray for all those fighting sickness!
 Good to see the Davis Family back.
Gregory did a great job blowing the shofar.

Taroub Shehadi was unable to attend
due to illness.  
Please keep her in your prayers for a full recovery.
She is always on the front lines when caring for others.
Please pray for Cindy Price.
May she find a permanent job and a place to live.
He is faithful.
This week at TAJ 
Monday, April 6th  7:30 pm
 Israeli Dancing with Jacob Giron
 Love donation at the door.
Please join us.
It is a great evening of fellowship
with one another.

Wednesday , April 8th   7:30 pm
  Bible Study this week!
Please come and feed on His Word.

Shabbat, April 11th
9 am  Prayer
10 am  services
noon   Oneg
1 pm  HaYesod
1:30 pm  instead of Rabbi's corner, Azi Holman
will lead a Seder for the last day of Pesach.  
36 pesos...only kidding.
Special Thanks:
I want to thank Neil and David for
establishing Security for us.
They love each and everyone of us.
 Pray for these two men.

Keep praying for Edmund Lautt
He sends his love to the congregation.
 He is home and is diligently doing his exercises. 
 It is going to be a long road ahead.
Prayers also for Helen.  


Prayers for Ruth Radzwill.  
She is undergoing rehab for her recent stroke.
She is presently at a Rehab in Irvine.
She is making remarkable recovery.
 Prayer for Edmund Cotta
injured shoulder at his job.
Upcoming events:
Sunday, April 19th  2:30 pm
Our 4th Annual March of Remembrance
two weeks from today!!
It will begin on the steps of Fullerton City Hall.
We will then have a mile walk through Downtown Fullerton.
It is a prayer walk remembering those who were murdered
in the Holocaust.
I am attaching a PDF flyer for the March of Remembrance.
I invite you to print them and make copies....and give them out! 


25th Anniversary Meeting of the Arabic Christian/Messianic Jewish Fellowship:
Saturday May 30, 5:00pm - 9:30pm at Life Pacific College in San Dimas.

For the next several weeks we will be collecting money towards  projects to promote reconciliation and unity among Arab Christians and Messianic Jews in Israel, as well as witness to Jews and Arabs.  There will be a 750 dollar matching. Please make a check out to Adat Y'shua and designate it to AC/MJ Ministry Project.
Mail check to:

Michael Brown

5424 Newcastle Ave. #358

Encino, CA 91316

More information to follow.

Have a Blessed Week and a Kosher Pesach!
Rabbi Corey and his bride, Hilary