TAJ E-NEWS 2015-12-27


Please put on your calendar February 6th Shabbat.

We will be inviting Messianic congregations along

with Arabic Christian Churches 

to come and pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

and the Middle East.

This is part of our yearly event in June in San Dimas.

We need to come together in the power of prayer.

Praying for Reconciliation because

there will be NO peace until hearts are transformed 

by the Power of His Word.

We will have Shabbat services as usual,

but we will come together at 5 pm with Havdalah
 (concluding service of Shabbat)

and then prayer with our brothers and sisters.
This week 
Wednesday December 30th at 7:30 pm
No Bible Study

Music and Dance Rehearsal with Reg and Marianne

January 2, 2016
Shabbat SHEMOT

9 am   Prayer
Please join this ministry.  
We need prayer and protection and covering.

10 am  Service

noon:  Oneg
1:30  Hebrew with Azi
1:45  Rabbi's Corner
We want to wish special birthday wishes to these 

very special people.....

Happy 2nd Birthday, Sephorah Ratthe!

Happy Birthday to Chris Oropeza!

Happy Birthday to Reg Deuning!  

Happy Birthday to Reuben Santillon!

Happy Birthday Karen Farley!

Happy Birthday, Scott Estrine!


We praise the Lord for hearing our prayers.

Edmund Lautt underwent gall bladder surgery
last Tuesday.  He is slowly improving.

Please continue praying for our dear brother.

Also, let us continue to lift up Helen, his wife,

that HaShem will give her the strength and health

to be able to cope with this trial.


Thank you, Belma Fraire, for filling in 
for Chris and Juanita in the kitchen.

Thank you women, and the men, who
help out with the Oneg responsibilities.


Pray for Angela Simonelli:  health issues


Traveling mercies to Paul and Luann Jollineau

who will be coming to S. California for an extended time.

We look forward having them back in our congregation.

We have missed them!!

Welcome to Lupe's niece, Mercedes!


Happy to hear that the surgery went well for

 Jackie Fountain's grand-daughter

upcoming events:

January 2nd   Walter and Meghan Davies
will be here for Zeved HaBat (naming ceremony of their new daughter).
Selah, will also be in attendance.

January 23rd will be a special Bat Mitzvah.
Our elder's daughter, Leiandra Holman, will be celebrating
her Bat Mitzvah with all of us.
Mazel Tov also to Leiandra upon a piano recital.

January 30th we will have Rifka Whitten and her husband
direct from Arad, Israel for our Shabbat service.


May you all have a blessed week.....
Look up....His redemption draws nigh.

Rabbi Corey and his bride, Hilary