TAJ E-NEWS 2015-12-20


Condolences to Shilo Messianic Congregation 
in Redlands, CA
on the loss of their shamash, Nicholas Thalasinos.
He was one of the victims of the shooting in San Bernadino this past week. 

Our hearts go out to his wife, Jennifer, in this
time of grief.

The memorial was held yesterday.
Corry Bell was there to host the music.

If it is on your heart to help his wife at this time,
there is a gofundme account set up for her.

Thank you all for the contribution at our service 


Also, for those who still want to contribute to the 

memorial fund, 

go to gofundme.com link.

In this spirit, it is so important

to pray for our enemies.

Please put on your calendar February 6th Shabbat.

We will be inviting Messianic congregations along

with Arabic Christian Churches 

to come and pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

and the Middle East.

We will also be praying for Jews and Christians and Muslims

who need to truly know their Jewish Messiah.

There will be NO peace until hearts are transformed 

by the Power of His Word.

We will have Shabbat services as usual,

but we will come together at 5 pm with Havdalah
 (concluding service of Shabbat)

and then prayer with our brothers and sisters.

First we had Hershey's for Heroes,  

now we want to help Israel.

As you know, there has been an active 

boycott of Israeli products.

To counteract it, we want to buy

 as many Israeli products as we can!

The Ratthe family came back from Israel,

with lots of chocolate made in Samaria by Israelis.

The name of the company is HOLY CACAO.

It is 7 dollars a bar.

Pricey, but remember we are helping Israel.

If interested, please email Francis and Eve Ratthe at:

This week 
Wednesday December 23rd at 7:30 pm

  Bible study:  continuing
our study on Israel and the Jewish people and their proper place in God's Plan

In order to understand Israel, 

we need to learn what the scripture

speaks about regarding the Nations.

Ephesians 2:11-12

Music only Rehearsal with Reg
December 26, 2015

9 am   Prayer
Please join this ministry.  
We need prayer and protection and covering.

10 am  Service

noon:  Oneg
1:30  Hebrew with Azi
1:45  Rabbi's Corner
Welcome Back Eugene and Jessica T.

from visiting family in Australia

Prayers for Juanita G.

during her stay in New Mexico with family.

Welcome to Bob and Gloria Harrington.

They bring with them an important link

 in our history at Temple.

Gloria...thank you for bringing your sweet Mom.

Congratulations to Justin Daneshmand

upon received an MA in New Testament Language 

and Literature from Talbot.  

He received highest honors 

and award in New Testament for 2015.
Congratulations to Garrett George!!

What a senior recital it was!!

His original pieces were serious to humorous.

His original orchestral piece was

 nothing short of amazing.

We will be hearing his name in music circles for 

years to come...

upcoming events:

January 23rd will be a special Bat Mitzvah.
Our elder's daughter, Leiandra Holman, will be celebrating
her Bat Mitzvah with all of us.
Mazel Tov also to Leiandra upon a piano recital.

January 30th we will have Rifka Whitten and her husband
direct from Arad, Israel for our Shabbat service.


May you all have a blessed week.....
Look up....His redemption draws nigh.

Rabbi Corey and his bride, Hilary