TAJ E-NEWS 2015-10-25


Jacob Lamb's Bar Mitzvah  
Jacob has studied hard this past year and yesterday it became reality.
We have watched him grow this year.
Jacob did a great job with his haftorah.
We want to say Mazel Tov to Jacob, and parents, John and Martha, 
and also to his grandparents, family and friends.
Thank you John and Martha for hosting our oneg yesterday.

I want to thank Azi Holman for teaching him his Haftorah and Torah portions.
Also, thank you Renee Brown for assisting and helping Jacob with his Hebrew.
 Jacob will remember all of this for the rest of his life.
Azi is now going to be quite busy training his daughter, Leiandra for
her Bat Mitzvah, January 23rd.

I want to especially thank Neil and Dee Merryman, and Belma Fraire,
Maria Coe, and Jackie Fountain for 
assisting in the cleanup and the closing. 
Let us continue to pray for Israel.
There is increase terrorism every day in the streets.
Israel has been at war with Islam since its beginning.
The World has been closing their eyes to this problem.
We are finding that the problem that Israel has fought, 
is now in our backyards.
Praying that America calls it for what it is: Islamic Terrorism.

Continue to pray for the Ratthe Family
and the Zick family...for protection.

Pray for Bill and Kendra Martin's 
mission trip to Israel
 The Quilt Ministry is moving ahead.
If anyone is interested in joining this....
Thanks to the Batting committee....Martina, Karen, Elizabeth, Maria Fernanda, Hilary
The next phase is ready.  
The sewing.
  email Karen Farley:  [email protected]
Thank you Lupe Pruneda, and all the women who have worked on this...
and let us not forget the children.

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Garrett George sighting!

Home from his Croatian mission trip.
Finishing his schooling at Biola.

Happy Birthday to 
Amarrisah and Bekka Rengifo!!

What's Happening this week!

Wednesday, October 28th at 7:30 pm  

  Bible Study this week
Remember:  every 2nd and 4th week.

Music rehearsal

Shabbat Vayera
 Come experience a Shabbat!
October 31, 2015
9am:  please join us for prayer.
this is a powerful ministry that sets the tone for the rest of Shabbat.

10 am  Service begins
noon:  oneg

 Azi's Hebrew Class
Rabbi's Corner
Come and be Blessed!

Have a blessed week...
Rabbi Corey and his Bride