TAJ E-News 2014-3-8

Next Shabbat, March 15, we will be celebrating Purim! We celebrate how our G-d delivered the Jewish people from annihilation in the land of Persia.  G-d used Esther and Mordechai to come against the evil Haman.Come join us celebrate His intervention against the evil One.  We dress up.  Lots of fun and humor, which is one of our traits at TAJ.Come eat the hamantaschen pastry together.

Wednesday, March 12th, 7:30 pm    Bible Study tonight

We will be discussing how Hashem saved the Messianic Jewsby giving them a way of escape right before the Destruction of Jerusalem in 70 CE.

Thursday, March 13th  7:30 pm Music and Dance rehearsal with Azi and Marianne set #8 Come get a taste of Shabbat! Shabbat Tsav

March 15th Shabbat Zachor  (the Shabbat before Purim)Torah:  Leviticus 6:1-8:36Haftorah: Malachi 3:4-24Brit Chadasha:  Hebrews 8:1-6

9 am Prayer

10 am  Services begin

noon:  ONEG  (lunch) This is a great time to give a food offering to the congregation, time of holy fellowship,time to bond with your mishpachah (family)

Rabbi's Corner today:  Tsav


Temple Aviv Judea

Mail to Temple Aviv Judea,

P.O. Box 1124Yorba Linda, CA 92885

Mazel Tov!!!! We celebrate today the engagement of Reg Deuning to Margarita Garcia


Keep Edmund Lautt in your prayers:  health issues


Happy Birthday to Kurt Wilson! Thank you for all your hard work on the Pending Website.


Pray for Marianne Wegener! We pray for healing for her back and reality check.Marianne thinks she is still 21!  Why not?!


Pray for Leslie Moline.She is also suffering from severe back problems.


Thank you Luann for stepping in for Marianne today.


Let us keep our sister Jo Sprenger in our prayers!She improves daily, but still unable to attend on Shabbats. Also pray for Michael McMahon as he goes through major health issues. Also, keep Caroline Ourfalian in our prayers.


PRAISE THE LORD! Dana Baker found a place to live!

Upcoming events:

March 15th:  Purim FestivitiesBe free to dress up as one of the characters in the Book of Esther.

March 29th:  Moran Rosenblitt of the ministry:  hope 4 Israelwill be here again to speak with us, regarding the news in Israel.

April 19th:  36th Passover Sederat the Los Coyotes Country Club, Buena Park. Cost 36 dollars

April 27th  March of Remembrance:  our third annual eventwww.marchofremembrance.org Debbie Kline-Iantorno and Vince Iantorno will be here for the preceding Shabbat on the 26th andwill be participating in the March of Remembrance with us.


Our 36th Annual Passover Seder is only two months away! The seating is limited.It fills up fast.Come and learn about the hidden symbolism that is buried within the Passover ritual.  Come, let us resurrect these truths together.

There is a banquet style dinner with Davidic Dancing and teaching. Passover Seder is Saturday, April 19th 11 -3 pm.  check in 10:30 pmIt is once again at the Los Coyotes Country Club 8888 Los Coyotes Drive, Buena Park, CA

Cost 36 dollars a person. non-refundable.No Children under 10 years of age. Please mail check payable to :

Make sure you list the names of all those who are attending.

You can also leave the envelope with the names in the offering box.  Make sure it says PASSOVER on the check or envelope.


Shalom Aleichem and Shavuah Tov Rabbi Corey and his bride, Hilary