TAJ E-NEWS 2014-06-28


Manuel Robert "Bob" Mendoza


I attended a Memorial service this past Friday in Whittier, CA.

Who was this man and what does he have to do with TAJ?  A great deal.

I came to know Yeshua in 1974 and Rabbi Mike in 1975.

Over several months, Mike's mother, father, brother and sister-in-law,

and his 83 year old grandmother all came to know Yeshua.

Who was going to disciple this precious group of Jews?

Little did anyone know that it would be Bob Mendoza and his wife, Virgie, a neighbor of the Davis family.

They began a Friday night Bible Study in the living room of the Davis Family in Norwalk, CA.

The Bible Study was open to all.  It grew.  It was the incubator for what we know now as Messianic Judaism.  There are now over 500 Messianic Congregations in N. America,

and over 50 in the land of Israel.

Through the loving and guiding hearts of Bob and Virgie, and their son-in-law Pastor Jim Ortiz, we became one of the first Messianic congregations since the first century.  Thanks to their

mentoring and teaching, we officially became Temple Aviv Judea on February 24, 1978.

Today, Bob Mendoza joins Mike Davis, his parents, Bill and Beverly, and grandmother

are united with Yeshua in the heavenlies.  Bob Mendoza, along with his wife, answered His call and today they are in glory, and I am sure that the Lord declared, "good and faithful servants."


Wednesday, July 2nd

No Bible Study tonight

Thursday, July 3rd

Music and Dance Rehearsal:  Set #10

July 5th:  Shabbat Balak

9 am Prayer

10 am Shabbat service begins

noon:  Oneg

Hayesod seminar at 12:45 pm

1:30 pm  Rabbi's Corner

Happy Birthday to Paul Jollineau!

Thank you so much for making my life stressless each Shabbat.

Happy Birthday to Gloria Lovato!

Thank you for bringing your smile with you each week.

Happy Birthday to David Reese!

Thank you for bringing your talent of Dance.

What a beautiful gift HaShem has given to you.

Edmund Lautt Update:

Edmund has a long road ahead of him.

With the help of HaShem and his wife, Helen, Edmund will make it through this ordeal.

Edmund is at the St. Judes Heritage Hospital in Fullerton, CA.

He should be returning home in the first week of July.

Dana Baker is also recuperating and rehabilitating from knee surgery.

Praise the Lord for Louise Booth!

Her migraines have markedly decreased.


Upcoming Events:

  July 12 Shabbat:  Jonathan Settel Concert

August 2nd:  Teacher Rami Danieli

Many Blessings to all!

Rabbi Corey and his bride for 35 years, Hilary