TAJ E-NEWS 2014-06-07



Edmund Lautt suffered a major strokeon the right side of the brain last Saturday evening.

The doctors did surgery immediately.  Today he is in ICU and the doctors are amazed at his remarkable recovery.

I believe our prayers have reached the throne of G-d. We will keep you updated with his progress. 

Keep Edmund and his wife, Helen, in our prayers.

His speech and cognizant skills seem to be unaffected.There is weakness on the left side. 

It will be a long road ahead, but we believe he will make an amazing recovery.


This Weeks Events

Wednesday, June 11th   7:30 pm

Bible Study    After the Fall of Jerusalem 70 AD Part One

Thursday, June 12th

7:30 pm

Music and Dance rehearsal for shabbat.  Set #7

Shabbat Shelach-lecha  June 14th

9 am   Prayer

10  am  shabbat services 

noon:  ONEG

1:30 Rabbi's Corner


Happy 11th Wedding Anniversary to Rick and Maria Coe!

Happy birthday to Dolores Bobadilla-Estrine!


Prayer Requests

Please continue to pray for Edmund Lautt.We pray for full recovery.

Dana Baker is now home, but he is still experiencing lots of pain.

Continue to pray for Louise Booth.

Pray for Roy Guzman:  health issues

Traveling Mercies to Kurt Wilson and his wife, Jackie as they travel to the Land of Israel.  

It will be their first time!

UpComing Events:

July 12th:  Jonathan Settel Shabbat

August 2nd:  Rami Danieli will be here with his lovely wife, Gabriela for wonderful teaching,

 during our shabbat service.

Shavuah Tov to all…..

Blessings, Rabbi Corey and his lovely bride!