TAJ E-NEWS 2014-05-17


New Website:

Please visit our new website.  www.avivjudea.org

I want to thank Kurt Wilson for spending countless hours on this. Because of security issues, you will need to create an account.You will find this website to be an important tool to connect with your Temple family.Our directory, prayer requests, music and dance instructions, a children's section will all be included, but since these areas are sensitive, it will not be open to the public but only for Congregational members.

I want to thank my Elders:  Kevin Brown and Azi Holman for

a great job of service while I was gone this past week.

Also, thanks to Marianne Wegener.

Many thanks to Maria, Annie, Juanita and Chris, Margarita

and everyone that comprises this great congregation.


Wednesday evening, May 21st 

No Bible study tonight

Thursday, May 22nd   7:30 pm

Music and Dance Rehearsal  Set #5

May 24th   Shabbat B'midbar

9 am   Prayer

10 am   Services begin

noon:  ONEG (lunch) don't forget to bring a food offering.



Please pray for Brian Booth's wife, Louise.  


 Pray for Dana Baker. He has had successful knee surgery. He has been struggling with this for fifteen years. He is going through rehab at this time. Please pray for the health of his dad.


Pray for a job for Greg Davis


Edmund Cotta (Leean's son)is looking for a room-to-let.

He is also a computer repair specialist.

His company is call TCK Solutions.

www.TCKSolutions.com          [email protected]


Upcoming Events:

Shabbat May 31st.   Kendra Martin leads worship 


May 31st 5 pm, Arabic Christian /Messianic Prayer Meetingin San Dimas.

June 4th Shavuot Services at 7:30 pm

July 12th Shabbat:  Jonathan Settel, gifted with a heavenly voice,will be joining us.

His new CD is out!!


Rabbi Corey and his bride, Hilary