TAJ E-NEWS 2014-05-10


Happy Mother's Day! 

This congregation for years has prayed for children and you know….He has answered this prayer!

We have a beautiful family of 9 children: the Ratthe family!

Another family with 8 children have been coming regularly now…welcome to the Grable family!

To Eve and to Juanita……a special Happy Mother's Day.The children have added a whole new dimension to this community.

The children have planned something special for Mother's Day.Blessings to all the Mothers!!

New Website:Please visit our new website.  www.avivjudea.org 

 I want to thank Kurt Wilson for spending countless hours on this.Because of security issues, you will need to create an account.You will find this website to be an important tool to connect with your Temple family.Our directory, prayer requests, music and dance instructions, a children's section will all be included, but sincethese areas are sensitive, it will not be open to the public but only for Congregational members. 


Wednesday evening, May 14th  

Bible study tonight

We will be studying the destruction of Jerusalem 70 AD

Thursday, May 15th   7:30 pm

Music and Dance Rehearsal for Passover Seder

May 17th   Shabbat Bechukotai

9 am   Prayer

10 am   Services beginnoon:  ONEG (lunch)don't forget to bring a food offering.



 Pray for Dana Baker.  

He will be going through several months of rehab.


Yasher Koach to Kevin Brown

on his Message this Shabbat!


Upcoming Events:

May 18th   Los Angeles Israel's 66th Independence Day Festival

Cheviot Hills Recreation Center

2551 Motor Ave

Los Angeles, Ca 90064

Website: www.celebrateisraelfestival.com

Shabbat May 31st.   Kendra Martin leads worship 


May 31st 5 pm, Arabic Christian /Messianic Prayer Meeting in San Dimas.

July 12th Shabbat:  Jonathan Settel, gifted with a heavenly voice,

will be joining us.  His new CD is out!!


Rabbi Corey and his bride, Hilary