TAJ E-NEWS 2014-04-27


What a blessed weekend this has been!

On Shabbat, we were privileged to haveVince and Debbie Kline-Ianotorno ofShir Chadash Ministries.  Their music filled this place with love and joy!  Please visit their website to get a taste of their music.  www.debbieklinemusic.com.   Their music is Jewish, mixed with Salsa!

What a combo!You can obtain their CD's on their website.

Yesterday, we had our Third Annual OC March of Remembrance. Each year gets better. We were represented by Orange Coast Community Church (Pastor Rick), Ben David Messianic Congregation (Rabbi Doug Friedman), Temple Beth Shalom and the Open Door Church.

We began with a beautiful Memorial service.We began with Leeav Sofer of 'Mostly Kosher' klezmer group. Debbie and Vince were back today to bless us with some poignant songs .Even their granddaughter, Emily, was singing. She definitely has the gene! 

Pastor George Saieg (Ministry to the Muslims) gave us an important perspectiveand parallel of the times we are living in today, and Berlin in the 30's. Thank you for coming from Hesperia even though family members were ill.

Marianne Wegener put together a dance offering set to Marty Goetz's song, "For Zion's sake".What a beautiful picture of the Groom and the Bride. David Reese and Ashley Moline displayed their gifts and touched us all.  Thanks to the rest of the dance ensemble: Renee Brown, Gina Leibmann, Hilary Sylvester, Eliya Davis, Marianne Wegener. Thank you,Gina Leibmann for such a dramatic presentation of a Holocaust survivor.You brought everyone to tears!

After the presentations, we lit the candles for the Six Million Jews.We then recited the Kaddish.

We then began the Walk of Remembrance.We walked over two miles in the loving memory of the Six Million Jews. By doing this, we said clearly, "Never Again"!

Thanks go to Paul Jollineau and Reg Deurning and Bobby Abejo.

Thanks go to Annette and Marguerite for greeting and ushering.

Thank you Gregory and Isaac, Maria, Rosa for handling the chairs.

Special Thanks to Taroub Shehadi for her prayers and help fighting the enemy at this event.


Wednesday, April 30th 7:30


Thursday, May 1st 7:30

Music and Dance rehearsalfor this coming Shabbat

with Azi and Marianne

Shabbat Emor , May 3rd

9 am Morning Prayer10 am Shabbat Services

12 noon: Oneg (lunch)

1:30 pm Rabbi's Corner


Happy Birthday, Corrine Einarsson!!

prayer requests:

Please pray for Dana Baker as he goes in for knee surgery May 5th 


The Iantorno's daughter Vanessa has been seriously ill. Please pray for healing.

She is home now. 


pray for Michael McMahon for his multiple heath issues.


Keep praying for Jo Sprenger! She successfully made the 2 mile walk yesterday! Baruch Hashem!


please... Pray for Dee McGee and her daughter regarding financial hardships.


Traveling mercies to Irene Guevara as she goes to the Philippines.

Upcoming Events:

Southern CA Arab Christian / Messianic Jewish Fellowship:

Date: Saturday May 31, 2014

Time: 5:00pm – 9:30pm

May 31st: Kendra Martin, Messianic worship leaderwill be here to lead our worship service.

July 12th Jonathan Settel

Messianic vocalist, and my cousin, will be here!

Note: a silver ring was found on route of our March yesterday.Let me know if you are missing the ring.

Shalom and Blessings, Rabbi Corey and his bride, Hilary

p.s. again…thank you for your prayers and hard work making this Shabbat weekend a success!