TAJ E-NEWS 2014-04-13


Reservations to the Passover Seder is closed.

Remember that there will be NO services in Orange.

We will all be meeting next week at 11:00 am at Los Coyotes Country Club

8888 Los Coyotes Drive, Buena Park

Check in time is 10:30 am.

Remember:  you must have a ticket.


Thank you Juanita Guzman for making that indestructible piñata.

We all had fun participating in its destruction.


New Website:Please visit our new website.I want to thank Kurt Wilson for spending countless hours on this.Because of security issues, you will need to create an account.You will find this website to be an important tool to connect with your Temple family.Our directory, prayer requests, music and dance instructions, a children's section will all be included, but sincethese areas are sensitive, it will not be open to the public but only for Congregational members.


Monday evening, April 14th

First night of Passover.Hope you enjoy your personal Seder.

Wednesday evening, April 16th

NO Bible study

Thursday, April 17th   7:30 pm

Music and Dance Rehearsal for Passover Seder

Come join for a 'taste' of the Passover Seder.

Passover, April 19th  11 am

Los Coyotes Country Club, Buena Park


Pray for Azi's dad who is in the hospital with blood clots.

Pray for Penny Davis who has pneumonia/asthma.

Pray for Sarah Samora as she is experiencing joint pain.

Pray for Michael McMahon:  long term illness

Pray for Edmund Lautt:  health issues


We give thanks for Belma Fraire and upon bringing her back after a long illness.


Great seeing Jo Sprenger again!  Thank you Luann Jollineau for her transportation.


Let us pray for Hilary Sylvester and Maria Coe as they take care of the logistics of the Passover Seder. It is not as easy as one may think!


Happy Birthday, Joy Duprey!


Happy Birthday, Tom Crane!


Upcoming Events:

Next Shabbat:  Passover Seder

April 26th Shabbat:  Debbie Kline and Vince Iantorno will lead our worship and praise.

April 27th:  Sunday 2:30 pm  MARCH OF REMEMBRANCE

Location:  632 N. Eckhoff, OrangeDebbie and Vince will be joining us again, in unity, to remember the six million Jews that were murdered in the HOLOCAUST.


April 26th:  the 25th International Day of Prayer for the Arab World and the United States2:30 pm at the First Baptist Church of Downey8348 E. Third Street, Downey California


July 12th Shabbat:  Jonathan Settel, gifted with a heavenly voice,will be joining us.

His new CD is out!!


Have a Sisson Pesach (sweet Passover!)

Rabbi Corey and his bride, Hilary