TAJ E-News 05-24-2014


Two Outreaches today after services: Azi Holman and Marianne Wegener and the dancers

 were participating in an event with Kendra Martin at Downey Calvary Chapel.

Yours truly, Gregory St Pierre, Renee Brown, Kim Algra, Dee Dee Felton and Cindy Hutten-eagle

 entertained the people in the rehab center, 

where Dana Baker is recovering from knee surgery.

With Violin music, broadway tunes, and liturgical songs and magic, 

it was topped off with Dana Baker singing Ma Navu. 

 The patients were overwhelmed.

What a privilege and honor to put joy into their lives, while they are recovering.


Do not forget to attend the Arabic Christian/Messianic Jewish Fellowship next Shabbat, May 31st 5 pm-9:30 pm

Location:  Life Pacific College1100 W. Covina Blvd, San Dimas.  In the Simonson Center (chapel).

theme:  Love and Fellowship in Messiah YeshuaHebrews 10:24-25

It is a testimony of the power of the Holy Spirit

to see the walls come down, those walls that divide us.  

Wednesday evening, May 28th  7:30 pm

Bible study tonight

The Fall of Jerusalem

Thursday, May 29th   7:30 pm


May 31st   Shabbat Nasso

9 am   Prayer

10 am   Services begin

noon:  ONEG (lunch) don't forget to bring a food offering.

1:30 pm RABBI'S CORNER with elder Kevin Brown


Please pray for Brian Booth's wife, Louise. 


Pray for Dana Baker.

 He has had successful knee surgery.

He has been struggling with this for fifteen years.

He is going through rehab at this time.Please pray for the health of his dad.


Happy Birthday to Marie Pierce!

Happy Birthday to Luann Jollineau!

Happy Birthday to Lucy Ugay!

Happy Birthday to David Yoon!


Traveling Mercies to Azi and Carolyn, Myrna and Leindra


Pray for Greg Davis: a job and his health


Edmund Cotta (Leean's spiritual son)is looking for a room-to-let.

He is also a computer repair specialist.

His company is call TCK Solutions.www.TCKSolutions.com    [email protected]


Congratulations to John and Trina Moorlach upon the graduation of their son, Daniel from Chapman College.

 Upcoming Events:

Shabbat May 31st.   Kendra Martin leads worship 


May 31st 5 pm, Arabic Christian /Messianic Prayer Meeting in San Dimas.

June 4th Shavuot Services at 7:30 pm

July 12th Shabbat:  Jonathan Settel, gifted with a heavenly voice,will be joining us.His new CD is out!!

August:  Rami Danieli will be returning!  You will not want to miss this special speaker and friend!


Rabbi Corey and his bride, Hilary