TAJ E-NEWS 2014-8-16


 This coming week we have a special event.
It is the Bat Mitzvah of Tova Chasiya bat Sh'maryahoo. (Tova Davis)
She has studied hard and it is time for her
to step up to the Bema.
Her teachers Azi Holman and Renee Brown have  worked hard with her.
This is something Tova will remember for the rest of her life.
  Come, and support Tova!  
We are all proud of her.

Mazel Tov to her parents….Greg and Suzanne Davis.

Let us continue to pray for the Christians that are being slaughtered in Iraq and Syria.
Let us not close our eyes to this….
as it was done around the world while the Nazis committed genocide on the Chosen People.
It is happening.
Let us open our mouths in any way we can.


Our Jewish Holiday Schedule 5775

      Rosh HaShanaWednesday, September 24th at 7:30 pm
      Kol Nidre (Erev Yom Kippur)  Friday, Oct 3rd  at 7:30 pm
      Yom Kippur  :  Shabbat  October 4th, 10 am
      Sukkot :  Wednesday, October 8th, at 7:30 pm
      Sukkot Picnic:  Shabbat October 11th

Our annual Immersion will be held after Shabbat services
September 20th.
Tentative location:  Newport Dunes  2 pm


This week at TAJ

Wednesday, August 20th  7:30 pm

NO Bible Study tonight.

Thursday, August 21st  7:30 pm
Music and Dance Rehearsal:  Set 5
Come and get a taste of Shabbat
Shabbat Re'eh , August 23rd
9 am Prayer
come join this important ministry
10 am  services
noon  oneg
1:30pm  Rabbi's corner:  Re'eh
Congratulations to BOTH Boris Lovato and Dolly Mullen
upon graduating from film school. 
They graduated with Associates in Science of Film.
We are so proud of both of them.
I pray that HaShem will bless them with film careers
that will honor His Name.
Welcome Back Luis and Ingrid Rengifo, and their precious children.
Welcome Sheri and Jennifer.  
Welcome Terri.

Welcome Steve
Welcome Hunter
We look forward seeing alot of you!


Condolences to Ellah Gorelik on the passing of her Dad, Alek Gorelik.


Happy Birthday to Maria Coe!
Thank you for your friendship and love for this congregation.

 Happy Birthday to Dee Dee Felton!

Happy Birthday to Peter Hodgins!

Prayer Requests:
Keep praying for Edmund Lautt
 He is home and is diligently doing his exercises.  It is going to be a long road ahead.
Prayers also for Helen.  
Prayers for Ruth Radzwill.  She is undergoing rehab for her recent stroke.
She is presently at a Rehab in Tustin.

Pray for Michael McMahon.
Pray for physical, emotional and spiritual healing.
Pray for Greg Davis.  
Lord's direction.

Pray for Louise Booth!

Traveling Mercies to the Ratthe family!
Congratulations on the new teaching position …Michael Pierce!

Saying farewell to Juanita and Roy's grandson, Damian. 
We will miss him very much!
traveling mercies to Juanita and her daughter.

Upcoming events:

August 23rd:  The Bat Mitzvah of Tova Chasiya bat Sh'maryahoo

Have a Blessed Week,
Rabbi Corey and his bride, Hilary