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Stories from the Trenches

Shabbat School

Renee & Ingrid
Children's Ministry

We love that we can help prepare the children for adulthood. We feel deeply gratified that the children’s parents have granted us the privilege of teaching their kids.

We teach steadfastness, perseverance, organization and personal discipline through teaching memory verses, Hebraic feast days, songs, Hebrew, Bible stories and more.

As they get older and go through coming of age celebrations like Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, they are trained to trope from our Torah scrolls and regularly take part in our services.

We are blessed watching our children blossom as they grow and learn and share and successfully and happily move on to represent our Jewish Messianic lifestyle in Yeshua (Jesus), our Jewish Messiah.

Ahava Sisters


In Hebrew the essence of the word ahava is about giving devotion and time. True ahava, true love, is more concerned about giving than receiving. Meaningful relationships have mutual giving.

So I’ve been blessed by the privilege of contacting women who have missed Shabbat services to see how they are doing. I get to know each woman and her situation and have the opportunity to pray for them.

Ahava is the sum and goal of everything in the Bible. It is wonderful to be able to serve them through prayer, and to be supportive and an encouragement in this way.

My hope is that my small prayers for them reach the throne of our Heavenly Father and are answered.

Holy Horse Bells 
Worship Team


Zechariah 14:20
On that day the bells of the horses will bear the inscription "Holy to the Lord." The cooking pots in the L-RD's temple will be as holy as the bowls in front of the altar.

Along with the accompaniment of the people who are worshiping through Davidic dancing, our singing worship time at Temple Aviv Judea, which I find particularly moving and spiritual, is a blessing to me.

Especially during this time of worship, I can forget everything from good to bad and savor the specialness of being lifted up and connected with Elohim.

 The dancing is an added spiritual element which brings joy to my heart. Both the Holy Horse Bells and the dancers are a blessing to me.



My volunteer job is purchasing and stocking janitorial supplies. For me it’s a small job that fits perfectly into my life, but I do it with complete pleasure. I love that my husband has started helping me. It’s a way for us to share together in service to our congregation and unto our Father.

In my efforts, I have been encouraged with cheer and gratitude for whatever I do. My suggestions have always been met with openness and respect for the bits of creativity that I have offered. I have been blessed by many people as I do my job. People have helped me open boxes, or carried supplies for me, or just encouraged me with words or smiles as I do my little part. How sweet it is to be a part of our Father’s family!

Dance Worship Ministry


Through Israeli folk dance steps, our goal is to bring participating congregants and those watching our dance worship into the presence of HaShem and to His right hand where there is fullness of joy and pleasures forevermore!

It is all about why He created … for His good pleasure. May we please HaShem in all we do and say!

The love and humility of the leadership drew me to stay and make Aviv my home.

Youth Ministry


I am so grateful for having the opportunity to create an environment where grade K-12 students can learn liturgical worship associated with traditional Judaism in a more gentle and lenient setting.

As they learn the prayers they grow in self-confidence in their ability to connect to HaShem, particularly as they have opportunities to lead our service. The kids have developed a sense of ownership of the service which is such a blessing for them and for me.

I and the other parents see the increase in the zeal of our children (young adults actually) who look forward each week with excited anticipation to the service.

Kesher Chai

Gina / Chana

Kesher Chai

I feel more connected to G-d, my faith, and, through serving, have found a sense of purpose in His plan for me.

I’m being blessed by having this support group of loving, caring friends to share the pursuit of Jewish Messianic expression and not be alone without consistent connection and guidance.

Through serving, I’ve learned more leadership skills and about my own character. We’re excited and blessed to have the opportunity to impact the Messianic movement, through Aviv and across generations.

Mishpacha Ministry


Helping our “family”, and in a sense even saving lives, supports the love we have for one another at Aviv by doing concrete things that can be life changing for all of us.

Because we know what it’s like to be without, we attempt to help others in the way we wish we had been helped. As a result, members of Aviv know they are cared for. This ministry supports a family feeling at Aviv.

 I like being able to serve in a ministry that is bigger than myself and provides direct help to our members. As the Bible teaches, all of us are helped when one of us is helped such as through prayer, service referrals or financial assistance.

Mishpacha Ministry


In Hebrew, Mishpacha literally means family. However it also conveys a warm feeling of friendship and, in addition to an entire family network comprising relatives by blood and marriage, it often includes close friends.

At Aviv Judea we think of ourselves as mishpacha. Though the Mishpacha Ministry we are able to assist our mishpacha when someone gets into a difficult place in their life.

I am touched and strengthened as I watch HaShem work in the lives of His children and as He directs our ministry how to best respond to each need.

As Yeshua did, we are not here to judge, but to be compassionate. Our goal is to do as the Spirit leads and to assist those in need in such a way so that they will not return, with G-d’s help, to the difficult place in which they currently find themselves.



A Jewish celebration with food in honor of the Sabbath

Oneg is a time to serve our Aviv family. It’s not only about serving food, but also greeting everyone with a smile or kind word. We feel privileged to have the opportunity to welcome someone who’s at Aviv for the first time. We are part of the Aviv front line and can have an everlasting impression on someone.

When I first came to Aviv I was a broken vessel and burned out. But I was encouraged and strengthened to see so many people desiring to worship and learn about my G-d and my Jewish heritage. To be honest I wasn’t planning on staying but only to get revitalized and go back out to the trenches.

But G-d knew what He was doing when He got me involved with Oneg (I love cooking). It was one of the places, through the people in that ministry, that I found renewal at Aviv.

The ministry team is a place where relationships are created and cultivated. It’s a time for sharing with one another about what the L-rd is doing in our lives. We pray together, we help one another, we love, encourage and edify each other. When a helper is struggling we help them up.

As we are working together, we’re also learning what it means to work as a team .. to be a good follower and a good leader.

More than six years later, I’m still here, with a revitalized heart, mind and soul and being groomed for leadership … hah … the very thing I was running away from. HaShem makes me laugh!