RISEN - the Movie

"Everyone is encouraged and welcome to support the movie 'Risen' on its opening weekend, February 19 - 21.  The film is an answer to prayer in that it depicts a real, Jewish Messiah!  First Fruits of Zion has written a positive article about it, and it may prove to be a very important tool in sharing Yeshua and opening greater dialogue with our Jewish brothers and sisters about who He truly was and is.

It is important for the body of Messiah to be united together to support such a film in its opening weekend.  It will be kicked off the theater circuit within a week or two if we don't pray and invest or time and resources.  What if this movie does so well and is considered non threatening to Jews that every Jew would would consider seeing it!  Please share your thoughts about the film with as many people as you can if you can see it.

Many TAJ members have seen it and report that it has high production values, excellent acting, especially for the Tribune, and that it followed Scripture for the key events and details.