Rabbi's Corner

Being Memorial Weekend, I want to take time to remember the sacrifice that the men and women of this great country gave to serve in our Armed Services.

In our congregation, we have a veteran of WW2, part of the Pacific theater.  Mitchell Wensil has had many close calls and so many times when he should have been killed, but as you know, HaShem had a great purpose for him.  First, that he should have a daughter, Hilary, who would be the Rabbi’s wife.  Second, that at age 89, he would find his Messiah Yeshua.  Mitch found shalom and found a congregation that loves him.  Mitch, almost 97, looks forward to coming to Temple each week. It is the high point of his week.   Let us thank all the veterans in our congregation.

Let us not forget Angel Torres and Kaleb Farley.