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Shabbat Ark of Prayer (TEVAT TEFILLAH)

9:00 am - 9:45 am You are welcome to pray with us even if you can only stay 5 minutes!

Many of us have been taught that once we have had our Red Sea experience, that is being 'born again', that all things in our lives have changed. 

But, just like the children of Israel found out later, they were not as free as they first thought. They still sinned and were bound to the things of this world (compulsions, possessions and power). 

It is Yeshua, on a daily basis, that gives us the power to break the hold of these things on us.

It is through tefilah (prayer) that the bonds of sin are loosened in our lives. Our courage and willingness to fight against what is wrong in our lives is part of G-d's process to heal us. 

I am so proud of this prayer group, because it is through this group that the tone is set for the rest of this congregation. 

I encourage you all to come, even for a visit, to this "happening", this Shabbat Ark of Prayer (TEVAT TEFILAH). It has the power to transform you and to transform our congregation.

Rabbi Corey

P.S. If you can't make it to our physical location but want to pray with us when we are praying on Shabbat, email me at [email protected] so we can give you access to our Internet based phone conference call system.

About the Parsha Blog

I have three goals for doing the Parsha Blog.
1) Grow the attendance at the 9:00 am Shabbat Ark of Prayer

2) Build on the wonderful foundation of love at TAJ by leading by example towards an even more authentic and transparent community at TAJ. I write the blogs through the lens of the struggles and insights in my own life as I relate to G-d through prayer and meditation.

At nearly all places humans gather, whether at work, at home or at a spiritual community, they hide. They are always "OK" even if they are in deep trouble in their marriage, with an addiction, or with G-d. I want to change that.

3) Through the growing transparency at TAJ, help our TAJ community to more regularly reach out to one another to help each other live a more joyful, serene and G-d connected life. 

I think we all live life amongst the waves in the tidal zone where the tyranny of the urgent routinely displaces the important. I know this is a major struggle in my life and is a contributor to my problems. I'm looking to live a more connected life with those at TAJ.

I believe these are Biblical themes and are the same goals that G-d has for all of us and for Temple.


Prayer Ministry Parsha Blog

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