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  • TAJ E-NEWS 2018 12-9-18

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    Our Chanukah celebration was beautiful and joyous.

    The Holman Chanukiah was kindled.

    The flame was from a preexistent flame kindled at

    the Holman residence prior to Shabbat.

    The Holy Horse Bells sang a great Maoz Tsur.

    The Youth Choir and director Renee Brown

    sang Chanukah songs.

    Thanks to Gregory St. Pierre for the accompaniment.

    Thank you to all who participated in our Festival Oneg (lunch).


    With great appreciation, I thank

    the Rengifo, Lopez, Brown, Davis, and Holman families

    and the TAJ dancers in joining Hilary and I

    at our Chanukah outreach at Whittier Place Senior Retirement Home 

    last evening.

    We brought Chanukah to these people, including

    Herman Wensil (Papa Mitch's brother).

    It brought joy to their lives.

    Thanks to Aiden and Bekka on the violin piece.

    Thanks to Bekkah on her flute solo.

    Thanks to Hilary, Diana Q, Sally K, Greg D, and Renee B joining me

    in Israeli Dances.


    Yasher Koach to Aiden Rengifo

    on his Reading from the Torah.

    We cannot believe it has been one year since his Bar Mitzvah!


    Wednesday, December 12, 2018

         Bible Study this Wednesday at 7:30 pm  

    topic:  Modern Heresies, Part 2

    Sacred Name Movement

        Music Rehearsal 

    Shabbat, December 15th   Vayigash

    9 am tefillah (morning prayers)

    10 am Services

    noon:      ONEG

    1:00 Women's Meeting

    2 pm Rabbi's Corner

    Israeli Dancing  


    Happy Birthday to Aiden Rengifo!


    Happy Birthday, Shlomo Castillo!


    Happy Birthday, Bobby Abejo!


    Happy Anniversary to 

    Eugene and Jessica Trevithick!


    Prayers go out to Diana Catsoulas

    as she has been a faithful caregiver to her mom.


    Prayers go out to Kip Hyams

    as he got injured working. He broke a finger.

    Also, prayers for finances and the loss of his mother.


    Rabbi Corey and his forever bride, Hilary

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    On January 22, 2017, Temple Aviv Judea lost their patriarch, Mitch Wensil, at age 97.  'Papa Mitch' as we endearingly called him, was a father to all of us.  He loved us all very much and it was the most important part of the week for him.   Read More...

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