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Mission & Values

Our Mission

At Temple Aviv Judea, we strive to become of one accord with our G-d and with each other.  We are centered on Yeshua (Jesus), the Jewish Messiah and cornerstone of our faith.  We seek His Kingdom, which will one day be restored.  By adhering to sound teaching of the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation, grounded in its historical Jewish context, our congregants seek to become more like Yeshua, filled with His grace, love and compassion.

We follow the same teachings that Yeshua gave to His students.  They brought the message of the Good News of repentance and personal reconciliation with G-d, to the Jew first, but equally to the nations.  His disciples understood Messiah Yeshua to be the ultimate enactment of the Torah.  They focused on the “weightier issues of the Law” -  justice, mercy and faithfulness.  We share in this mission.

We are a passionate people who seek Truth in accordance with His Word.  We encourage the use of our Spiritual Gifts and talents and cultivate them in others.   Our various ministries strive to create strong bonds within our community.

Because our congregation is composed of Jews and Gentiles from differing ethnic and denominational backgrounds, we are ever vigilant to ensure that the walls of partition between Jew and Gentile remain torn down.

Our Values

At Temple Aviv Judea, we strive to live according to the spirit of the first century model of biblical Messianic Judaism. We worship our Creator through liturgy which emphasizes Yeshua’s Jewish heritage, contemporary Messianic music and dance, and by our free-will offerings and service.  Beginning with our leaders, we believe in serving our Master Yeshua through volunteering our time and talents.  We believe in providing our men, women, and children with spiritual and emotional support.  We believe that love, mercy, compassion, and patience prevail over traditions of men.

We value the “three P’s:” Prayer, Proclamation of the Good News, and People in our faith community, as we follow our King Messiah.

The acting out of our faith in our daily walk with Yeshua shows in our love for one another and those around us.  We work to be living testimonies to those with whom we come in contact, so they may be drawn to the Messiah in our midst.  We value obedience to His Word, diligence in prayer, and teachability through counsel by godly leaders.  We value and support Israel, which will forever maintain a special place in the heart of G-d.

We seek to create a comfortable and familiar place for Jews and non-Jews alike, a place that is welcoming and safe, where family (mishpacha) is emphasized.  Through fellowship, such as weekly Shabbat lunches and celebration of Biblical festivals, strong bonds are nurtured within our congregation.

People cannot physically see Yeshua, but they can see us, His Body.  We seek to reflect the very character of G-d in our love for one another, and for the wider community.