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Kesher Chai * 20's & 30's

Kesher Chai is about a living connection between past, present, & future and is for men and women in their 20's and 30's. Whether near or far, we value your friendship & support as we brave the waters of Messianic Judaism in our generation.

An analogy for Kesher Chai I would offer is Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz.  

Dorothy was just trying to find her way home when she came across a Straw Man, a Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion.  Dorothy tells the 3 where she is going—on the Yellow Brick Road (Path of Torah) to the Emerald City (Kingdom of G-d) to see the Wizard of Oz (G-d) & find out if he will help her get home (Dwelling in His Spirit).

She has faith that he is powerful enough to do so and, when she learns the needs and missing pieces of the 3 men, she invites them to come along and sojourn with her.  They hope to find answers, fill voids, and Dorothy encourages them to have faith in the Wizard of Oz; That he will help them all.

It’s the journey, experiences, and relationships that help them develop and find along the way what they thought they lacked. Their greatest lacking turns out to be their core strengths.

This is our hope and goal for Kesher Chai “Living Connection”.

We are advocates; We do all we can to help.

We have the support of our congregation, Temple Aviv Judea (TAJ), and friends with a heart for our generation. If we don’t have the answers, solutions, or resources, we will find them, with Abba’s help, by networking with our brothers and sisters in the faith.  

Because we know what it’s like to be without, we attempt to help others in the way we wish we had been helped. As a result, members of Kesher Chai know they are cared for.  

Our service is unto the Lord and done wholeheartedly with no sense of inconvenience. This is like my father, when we were in Israel, who helped men from the streets; It's our privilege and passion.

We hope to be a light in our time, please pray for us. We are open to your friendship in Yeshua!

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