Happy New Year!

Happy New Year?  Did I SAY that?  Really?

After all, last year we had FOUR Jewish New Years.  Yes, you heard me right.  It starts out in Shevat where there is a New Year for Trees. In the month of Nisan, the New year is Israel’s religious New Year.  On the first of Elul, there is a New Year’s for animals, in which I am particularly grateful for;  and the first of Tishrei (Rosh HaShana) is the Civil New Year for the Jewish people.

For me, it shows HaShem’s great mercy for us.  He gives us reminders along the year that there are plenty of opportunities to make Teshuvah.

So, when you wish me a Happy New Year by the Gregorian calendar, it just gives me just another reminder that there is always a chance to  repent and return to the Lord.

For one day, there will be no more chances.  Let us remind others that though they may find themselves acting like crazy people on New Years Eve, they may want to sober up and remember...that today is the day of salvation.

For the rest of us.....let us say, “Yeshua, come quickly!”